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Significant Progress in Hudson Tunnel Project Pre-Procurement Virtual Data Room

Over 150 Registered users, almost 4,000 file downloads as GDC nears completion of Geotech Borings Program

The Gateway Program Development Corporation in Newark has made substantial progress in advancing its pre-procurement “Virtual Data Room” as a tool for the private sector to partner with the Hudson Tunnel Project.

Since its launch in winter 2019, the Virtual Data Room has provided important technical information about the Hudson Tunnel Project. To-date, over 150 users from over 100 companies have registered to utilize the data room. Registered users have the ability to download technical data files from the data room to view as needed, which they have done almost 4,000 times.

GDC Interim CEO Frank Sacr said, “In creating the Data Room, our goal was to provide the private sector with a unique early opportunity to work hand-in-hand with us in the pre-procurement process. That way, we can develop a procurement for the Hudson Tunnel that reflects the input of industry partners with local and global tunneling experience. So far, it’s been a great addition for us to have that depth of knowledge and expertise as we move Gateway forward.”

The data room was created in response to feedback received from private sector firms during an extensive Request for Information (RFI) process to provide them access to information not typically available until the formal procurement. The data room provides important technical information about the subsurface geotechnical conditions that the Hudson Tunnel Project will encounter in New Jersey, under the Palisades, under the Hudson River, and in Manhattan.

The Virtual Data Room was updated this summer with the initial data from GDC’s Phase 2 Supplemental Geotechnical Investigation Program. Private sector feedback on the Phase 2 program was received and incorporated by GDC for this latest phase of geotechnical investigations. 24 of the 37 borings have been completed. The borings, obtaining soil and rock samples from New York, New Jersey, and in the Hudson River, range from 48 to 357 feet deep. This latest data builds upon the information uploaded at the launch of the data room and the Supplemental Phase 1 Geotechnical Investigation Program in mid-2019.

The Virtual Data Room will continue to be updated as the Phase 2 Supplemental Geotechnical Investigation Program comes to completion in the coming months, and Qualified Organizations can continue to request secure access to the Virtual Data Room through the GDC website (

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