Seton Hall School of Law and The Christie Institute for Public Policy Formalize Agreement

The Christie Institute for Public Policy, a not-for-profit foundation founded by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Seton Hall University School of Law announced an agreement that will provide educational and financial support for students of the School of Law. The Institute also has launched The Christie Institute for Public Policy Lecture Series, which will host quarterly national and international discussions on nonpartisan issues of consequence and importance to our society. Seton Hall students, faculty, administrators and alumni will participate in the events.  To date, the Institute has hosted a discussion with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at Seton Hall Law School and will host a discussion with former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger.

“I am thrilled that our newly-formed Institute will not just provide insightful bi-partisan dialogue about matters of national importance but will also benefit the students of this great Law School,” said Governor Christie.  “Our team looks forward to a long and significant relationship with my alma matter, Seton Hall Law School.”

“The Christie Institute will bring exciting conversations with world-renowned speakers to our campus,” said Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D., President of Seton Hall University.  “The Institute’s commitment to supporting our law students will provide an immediate benefit to those individuals. The Lecture Series enhances Seton Hall’s work to cultivate great minds by engaging with the great conversations and challenges of our time.”

The Christie Institute will endow one or more scholarships or a fund for loan repayment support for Seton Hall Law students who aspire to careers in public interest or public service.

The Institute will also facilitate externship placements designed to train students in law and public policy; provide students with a greater understanding of law-making and development of public policy; and increase student awareness of the professional responsibility and ethical obligations of attorneys and public policy professionals.

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