SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative Gets Underway in NJ

SBA New Jersey District Director Al Titone

SBA New Jersey District Director Al Titone

From a lumber company in Newark to a science-driven research laboratory in Monmouth Junction, the U.S. Small Business Administration introduced 15 New Jersey small business owners who were selected to participate in the agency’s (SBA) 2014 Emerging Leaders training program.

According to SBA New Jersey District Director Al Titone, the seven month intensive executive training program is focused on firms in underserved communities with a high ceiling for growth. “We received over 40 applications from small business owners throughout the state, who wanted to participate in this training program,” said Titone.  “We interviewed and selected what we felt were the 15 best firms that had the most growth potential.”

Titone who presided over an introductory ceremony a hosted by the Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) and held at the Rutgers Business School in Newark where the classes will take place said, “This signifies the start of an important seven month journey for the companies that have been selected to participate in this program.  When all is said in done, I believe that the return on investment for each firm will have a significant impact on the local economies where they are located.”

The 15 candidates selected to participate in the program are from the following New Jersey communities: Camden, East Orange, Galloway, Garfield, Hillside, Jersey City, Monmouth Junction, Mountainside, Newark, Orange, Paterson and South Plainfield.

Entering its seventh consecutive year, the initiative has trained more than 2,000 promising small business owners in underserved communities, and continues to expand its impact of helping small businesses grow and create jobs.  This year, Newark, Washington, D.C., Miami, and, Wichita have been added to the program, making them part of 27 cities that now provide this training across the country.

Titone added that the program has no out of pocket expenses for participants, but has a significant time requirement that calls for approximately 100 hours of classroom time per participant.  In addition to the training, small business owners will be given the opportunity to work with experienced mentors, attend workshops, and develop connections with their peers, city leaders, and financial communities

The SBA criteria for participating in the Emerging Leaders Initiative require established small business owners and executives to: have annual revenues of at least $400,000; have been in business for at least 3 years; and have at least one employee, other than self.

While the program has been in existence for seven years, this is the first time New Jersey has been selected to participate in the program. “We are pleased to bring the inaugural Emerging Leaders training program to New Jersey,” said Titone, “We are excited about taking a proven formula and seeing the progress and strides each firm makes over the course of time.”

Joining the SBA as co-sponsors of the 2014 Emerging Leaders initiative in Newark are the African American Chamber of New Jersey, Brick City Economic Development Corporation, Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation, Morris County Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Business & Industry Association, New Jersey Small Business Development Center, and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

The follow is list of the executives and their companies selected to participate in the SBA’s 2014 Emerging Leaders training initiative:

Robert Kaslander, Vice President
Kaslander Lumber Company, Inc.
373 N. 5th Street
Newark, NJ
Tel: 973-610-0398  |  website:

Brenda Rebello, President
Exce ed Resources Inc.
294 New Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ
Tel: 732-329-2742  |  website:

Gwenevere Motley, Managing Member
BMC Construction LLC
50 South Center Street, Unit #22
Orange, NJ
Tel: 973-830-7689   |  website:

Krutarth Jagad, President
DIA General Construction, Inc.
50 Redwood Avenue
Paterson, NJ
Tel: 732-921-4691  |  website:

David Jiang, CEO
American Trading House, Inc.
380 Jelliff Ave
Newark, NJ
Tel: 973-565-9800  |  website:

Paul Shim, Senior Associate
MFS Consulting Engineers, LLC
2780 Hamilton Blvd
South Plainfield, NJ
Tel: 908-922-4622  |  website:

Leticia Rojas, Senior Associate
Leticia, Inc.
640 Irvington Avenue
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 908-510-1302  |  website:

Trevor Newman, President
Leonard-Newman Unlimited
309 S. New York Road
Galloway, NJ
Tel:609-241-8583  |  website:

Laurette Gibbs, Vice President
CSF Technologies, Inc.
200 Federal Street – Suite226
Camden, NJ
Tel: 856-979-2018  |  website:

Winifred Smith, Owner
Zadie’s of the Oranges
141 South Harrison Street
East Orange, NJ
Tel: 973-395-5100  |  website:

Ulana Zakalak, President
Zakalak Restoration Arts LLC
4 Beacon Way #302
Jersey City, NJ
Tel:732-804-7332  |  website:

Alberic  Jean-Baptiste, President
24/7 Enterprises
187 Mill Lane
Mountainside, NJ
Tel: 908-232-7223  |  website:

Oscar Cano, President
Color Screen Pros
100 Verona Ave.
Newark, NJ
Tel: 201-341-4106  |  website:

Roque  Schipilliti, President
Cid & Sons, LLC
365 River Drive
Garfield, NJ
Tel; 201-888-0093  |  No website (Environmental Remediation Company)

Kan He, President
1 Deerpark Drive
Monmouth Junction, NJ
Tel: 609-240-8333  |  website:

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