SAX LLP Announces 7th Annual Founders’ Award for Nonprofits

Accounting firm SAX LLP has announced its 7th Annual Founders’ Award, which provides critical funding for 501(c)(3) organizations. SAX’s Founders’ Award is a way for the firm to honor the values of its founders by empowering and supporting organizations making a positive impact in the communities they serve.

This year’s Founder’s Award theme is Empowerment, highlighting how nonprofits equip individuals and groups with the resources, skills, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to take control of their own lives and advocate for their needs and rights, resulting in positive change. Five independent consultants with extensive nonprofit backgrounds will decide the winners based on whose applications best represent this year’s theme.

The first-place prize is a $20,000 unrestricted gift to support the organization’s mission and initiatives. The second-place winner will receive a complimentary Mission Moment video package valued at $20,000 from Beard & Bowler Productions, a Dumont-based Commercial Filmmaking creative company renowned for their exceptional storytelling talent. The third-place winner will be awarded a $5,000 unrestricted cash prize, courtesy of Valley Bank. Though most funding awarded to nonprofits must be allocated to support an organization’s programs, unrestricted gifts allow an organization to invest funds into personnel, training/skills and other expenses that will help the nonprofit succeed and flourish while focusing on its main missions.

“Receiving an unrestricted gift allows for organizational growth,” stated Joann Bjornson, LSW, CEO of Family Promise of Morris County, the first-place recipient of the 2023 Founders’ Award. “By allowing us to allocate funds to help build a robust infrastructure, such as investing in technology and workforce through training as well as fundraising and other essential overhead, it allows us to succeed and grow as an organization,” Bjornson added.

The criteria for this year’s Founders’ Award include:

  • One (1) high-res file of the organization’s logo
  • Three (3) photos demonstrating the organization’s efforts to empower the community
  • A non-professional video (no longer than five 5 minutes) addressing the following:
    • How does your nonprofit define empowerment within the context of your community?
    • What specific strategies or programs do you employ to facilitate empowerment among community members?
    • Can you provide examples of individuals or groups within your community who have experienced tangible empowerment through your organization’s efforts?
    • What are your organization’s future plans and aspirations regarding empowerment initiatives within the community?

To learn more and to apply, visit SAX’s Founders’ Award page or contact [email protected].

The Top 75 applicants will be invited to attend the Founders’ Award event on Tuesday, September 10, 2024, when the winner will be announced. Applicants must attend the event to receive the award. Only one (1) representative from each organization is permitted to attend, and attendees must be either a C-suite executive or Board member to receive the award.

“The Founders’ Award is a beloved event that honors the dedication of our nonprofit community, highlighting their exceptional efforts and the innovative solutions they bring to life,” said David Ashenfarb, Leader of SAX’s Nonprofit Practice. “SAX’s Founders Sander Sax, Morris Macy, and Egon Fromm instilled the importance of giving back to the community, and we will continue that tradition for years to come. By recognizing the achievements of nonprofits, our goal is for the Founders’ Award to inspire others to step up, lend a hand and make a difference,” Ashenfarb added.

Submissions for the 2024 Founders’ Award will be due no later than 11:59 p.m. on June 14. All entries must be on time to be considered.

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