Save the Date: Construction Industry Career Day

On Tuesday, May 30th, and Wednesday, May 31st, the NJ Expo Center will resound with hammers, trowels, welders and heavy operating equipment as the Northern New Jersey Chapter, NECA and its industry partners host Construction Industry Career Day (CICD).

It’s a two-day event that invites students, parents, educators, job-seekers and the public to explore dozens of construction-related exhibits and demonstrations that reveal a challenging and rewarding career – and learn about the many professions in the industry, the salaries, benefits and educational opportunities.

And why is that important in New Jersey? Because construction is such a big part of the state’s economy:

  • Construction contributed $22 billion of the state’s 2015 GDP, nearly 4% of $568 billion.
  • Construction wages and salaries in 2015 totaled $10.4 billion in New Jersey.
  • Private nonresidential spending in 2014 in the state totaled $4.1 billion.
  • Construction workers’ pay in New Jersey averaged $67,700, 9% more than all private-sector employees in the state.

Since the recession, construction has come back strong. But the industry needs a continuing flow of skilled employees – on both the management and the craftworker side. CICD is an exciting, hands-on, fun-filled venue that engages visitors with the various union construction trades.

We invite the media to join us for the Tuesday Night Showcase, open to the public from 4 to 8 pm, and for Wednesday’s “Just Juniors” day, 8 am to 1 pm, when nearly 1,000 high school students will descend on the Expo Center in Edison!

Do live shots and take photos…talk to exhibitors and visitors…

Even take YOUR turn at setting a brick or operating a virtual crane!

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