Samuel Adams Releases Collaboration Beer with New Jersey’s Flounder Brewing Co.

Samuel Adams today released Devil’s Nectah, a limited release cranberry-honey helles lager brewed with New Jersey-based brewery Flounder Brewing Co. As part of the brewery’s ongoing commitment to helping fellow craft brewers get a leg up in the industry, the collaboration beer is the culmination of a year-long program, the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Brewing and Business Experienceship, which provides one craft brewer annually with hands-on brewing and business coaching.

About Devil’s Nectah

As part of the 2016 Experienceship, the Sam Adams brewers collaborated with Jeremy “Flounder” Lees, brewer and founder of Flounder Brewing Co., on a dynamic new brew inspired by local ingredients respective to each brewer. At 5.2% ABV, the unique lager is brewed with Jersey Fresh honey and Massachusetts cranberries to create a bright, tart flavor to complement a subtly sweet base with a soft, round finish.

Starting the week of August 29, Devil’s Nectah will be available in select bars and restaurants in and around New Jersey and Philadelphia, and also served at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery in Boston.

What the Brewers Have to Say

“Jeremy Lees has come such a long way from when he first started brewing in his grandmother’s garage, due to his passion for brewing and hard work,” commented Samuel Adams brewer and founder, Jim Koch. “We had a great time in Boston with Jeremy and his team, not only brewing this collaboration beer but also working with them on their business planning.”

“We expected to have a great experience at the Sam Adams brewery, but were really surprised by how informative, educational, and in-depth every meeting was while we were there,” said Lees. “Everyone we met with was genuinely interested in our business, and really wanted to help us make our brewery better and successful for the long-term, and we’ve already started to clearly build our values and vision as a growing brewery.”

Samuel Adams Brewing and Business Experienceship

The Brewing and Business Experienceship is similar to an extended internship that is tailored to the selected brewery’s business needs. In addition to brewing a collaboration beer, the Experienceship includes a trip to the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery to receive coaching by Samuel Adams experts in a variety of areas such as ingredients procurement, labeling and compliance, and sales and distribution. The program also provides access to and funding for industry events of the brewer’s choice.

The Experienceship is part of Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream, the brewer’s philanthropy program that supports small craft food and beverage businesses. Brewing the American Dream provides a unique combination of the two things Jim Koch wished he had when starting Sam Adams 32 years ago: access to capital and expert business advice. The Experienceship was created specifically for craft brewers who have received microloans through the program. In addition to Flounder Brewing, ChuckAlek Independent Brewers in San Diego, Brewery Rickoli in Colorado, MateVeza in San Francisco, and Roc Brewing Co. in Rochester, N.Y. have participated in the Brewing and Business Experienceship.

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream

Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream was launched in partnership with Accion, the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of small business capital and coaching. Since 2008, through the support of Brewing the American Dream, Accion has lent more than $9.6 million to nearly 900 entrepreneurs, including 30 craft brewers. Just as importantly, the program has coached or mentored over 6,000 businesses, and created or saved more than 3,500 jobs.

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