Saint Michael's Medical Center

Saint Michael’s Medical Center Announces Academic Affiliation with Medical College

Saint Michael’s Medical Center (SMMC) in Newark,  and New York Medical College (NYMC), Valhalla, New York, announce an academic affiliation designating SMMC as a teaching site for NYMC’s medical education program.

The affiliation brings a mutual benefit to both SMMC and NYMC.  It provides SMMC with world-class academic resources and additional medical expertise to support excellent clinical programs and assist in the recruitment of physicians. NYMC in turn will have access to a clinical venue in Essex County, expanding the residency options for its students, as well as access to a large group of experienced physicians in a spectrum of specialties.

“This is an exciting time for Saint Michael’s Medical Center,” said David A. Ricci, president and CEO, SMMC. “We are proud to collaborate with New York Medical College in an academic affiliation that will continue our long-standing tradition as an academic institution, and enable us to enhance and expand our medical education program, including the addition of an undergraduate program.”

The new agreement sets forth SMMC’s participation in NYMC’s programs of undergraduate and graduate medical education, defines its responsibilities as a site for clinical rotations by medical students and describes how it will support various research activities. Both institutions share a commitment to providing students with strong clinical education programs, research opportunities and extensive resources.

“Saint Michael’s and New York Medical College have a shared and long-standing proud commitment to provide medical care to all who come to us and to educate the next generation of health care providers,” said Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., chancellor and chief executive officer, New York Medical College. “This partnership, based upon shared values, will benefit patients, promote a pipeline of new doctors and other health care providers to serve Newark and the surrounding cities, and contribute to the generation of new knowledge about the causes, prevention, and treatment of human disease and disability.”

Both institutions have rich legacies of strong medical education programs that bring leading-edge health care, research and resources to enhance the learning experience through the enriched expertise of staff and patient quality of care.

“Our new partnership with New York Medical College will fill a vital need for educational experiences and physician training, and will provide many opportunities regarding collaborative research projects,” added Ricci. “We look forward to growing our academic program for students in the greater New York/New Jersey area.”

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