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Rutgers No. 6 in Top 25 Undergraduate Marketing Schools In The United States, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, researched and discovered what is says are the 25 best undergraduate marketing programs that deliver top-notch educations, immersive experience, and advantageous employment opportunities through internships and post-graduate jobs.

New Jersey’s Rutgers University earned the No. 6 spot.

DesignRush examined the following criteria to determine the top marketing programs for undergraduate students:

·         Job opportunities post-grad

·         Program cost

·         Internship opportunities

·         Average GPA

·         Acceptance rate

·         Graduation rate

·         Student to professor ratio

·         And more!

“Business is the most popular college major in the U.S. – and marketing is a key field within those degrees,” says Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO and founder of DesignRush. “We believed that, by finding the best undergraduate marketing programs across the country and analyzing the unique elements that made them so special, we could better understand what future marketers are being taught, how the marketing industry is set to evolve down the road, and also empower emerging marketing professionals and growing brands to make informed decisions about their future education or talent acquisition, respectively.”

The top 25 undergraduate marketing colleges, universities and programs of 2019 – in alphabetical order – are:

1. American University

·         Tuition: $48,459

·         Enrolled students: 13,858

·         Graduation rate: 81.7%

The American University School of Communication gives students access to various platforms and channels to help them learn how to build campaigns and content across PR, advertising, digital media, journalism and more.

2. Bryant University

·         Tuition: $43,973

·         Enrolled students: 3,751

·         Graduation rate: 77.7%

Bryant University places a strong emphasis on immersion within their undergraduate marketing program. Students conduct research and internships in addition to their traditional classes to gain a broad understanding of digital media, marketing analytics, and more. Plus, Bryant University graduates garner a median salary of $60,000 post-graduation and often secure positions as top-rated brands such as Amazon, Disney, Time and more.

3. Indiana University

·         In-state tuition: $10,681

·         Out-of-state tuition: $35,456

·         Enrolled students: 43,710

·         Graduation rate: 77.8%

Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business’s marketing degree is top of the line, drawing in additional classes in sales, analytics and general business to ensure they develop well-rounded marketers. IU also provides research centers, internationally recognized staff, internship opportunities and more.

4. New York University

·         Tuition: $51,828

·         Enrolled students: 51,123

·         Graduation rate: 84.9%

NYU Stern’s undergraduate marketing degree provides access to nearly unlimited opportunities for marketing students. Its Manhattan, New York City location allows students to continuously network, secure internships and position themselves for post-grad jobs. What’s more, graduates of NYU Stern’s undergraduate marketing program can either continue their education with Stern’s immense graduate degrees or enter the marketing field directly with the prestige of Stern backing them.

5. Penn State University

·         In-state tuition: $18,454

·         Out-of-state tuition: $34,858

·         Enrolled students: 47,119

·         Graduation rate: 86%

Penn State’s Smeal College of Business’s undergraduate marketing program provides students a chance to experience all forms of marketing, including branding, management, consulting, research, analytics, sports marketing, and more. Plus, prospective employers include Unilever, Johnson and Johnson, Google and more.

6. Rutgers University

·         In-state tuition: $14,835

·         Out-of-state tuition: $30,613

·         Enrolled students: 67,556

·         Graduation rate: 80.8%

The marketing department at Rutgers Business School focuses on the importance of marketing science. The professors and faculty members are all practitioners or experts in marketing strategy, marketing strategy, research and consumer behavior, digital marketing, marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, customer relationship marketing, database marketing, retail marketing, marketing analytics as well as marketing in the fashion and luxury industry and real estate. Plus, its New Jersey location helps students secure prime internships and careers throughout New York, Philadelphia, the tri-state area and beyond.

7. Santa Clara University

·         Tuition: $51,711

·         Enrolled students: 8,629

·         Graduation rate: 85.3%

The Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University places students on the path to marketing success by allowing them to choose a marketing concentration. This allows students to dig deep into a particular marketing arena, empowering them to become experts in a specific field. Concentrations include business and tech, consumer and channel marketing or a completely customized program.

8. Seattle University

·         Tuition: $44,610

·         Enrolled students: 7,278

·         Graduation rate: 78.4%

Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics doesn’t just give students a formal education – it also provides them with practical knowledge and applicable skills. Undergraduate marketing students receive traditional marketing courses and a business foundation to help them better understand each angle of the marketing field.

9. Siena College

·         In-state tuition: $36,975

·         Enrolled students: 3,236

·         Graduation rate: 79.9%

The Siena College marketing program gives students hands-on experience in the marketing industry through collaborative opportunities, business relationships, internships and more. Undergraduates can also immerse themselves in a number of specific marketing concentrations, including sports marketing, marketing research, marketing analytics, general business, corporate communications, and more. Graduates of Siena College have secured positions in leading brands such as Amazon, IBM, KPMG and GE.

10. Texas A&M University

·         In-state tuition: $10,968

·         Out-of-state tuition: $36,636

·         Enrolled students: 67580

·         Graduation rate: 79.3%

The Texas A&M Mays Business School offers students an immersive and information marketing program that combines theory and skills in business, marketing, advertising and sales. Texas A&M also offers plenty of networks, groups and clubs that students can join to make connections and better understand the constantly-changing marketing industry. These specialized organizations include The Advertising Club, the American Marketing Association and the Public Relations Student Society of America.

11. Texas Christian University

·         In-state tuition: $46,950

·         Enrolled students: 10,489

·         Graduation rate: 75.5%

The Texas Christian University Neeley School of Business marketing program is a robust curriculum that pushes people to think outside of the box. Because of the breadth of topics, marketing majors at TCU can immerse themselves in, students get exposure to different facets of the industry. They can go down different paths like sports marketing, consultative selling and analytics. Similarly, the program at Texas Christian University offers students a number of engaging experiences like internships and other professional development opportunities.

12. Tulane University

·         In-state tuition: $54,820

·         Enrolled students: 11,248

·         Graduation rate: 82.9%

The Tulane University Freeman School of Business opens doors for students looking to start a career in marketing.  Core marketing courses prepare students for the technical aspects of the industry while student organizations give them more immersive, hands-on experiences. Similarly, Tulane University pushes its students to try new things and seek out new experiences. As a result, students are afforded a number of study abroad and internship opportunities to apply their marketing skills in a global market.

13. The University of Illinois at Chicago

·         In-state tuition: $14,816

·         Out-of-state tuition: $27,672

·         Enrolled students: 30,539

·         Graduation rate: 59.9%

The UIC Business marketing program gives students a taste of the marketing world before they ever step outside the school’s doors. Its city setting puts student’s right in the heart of all of the action. Students can immerse themselves in a research-based curriculum that exposes them to a number of concentrations. But each student’s ability to choose their own concentration really rounds off this program as a personalized degree tailored to each and every student.

14. University of Iowa

·         In-state tuition: $8,965

·         Out-of-state tuition: $30,609

·         Enrolled students: 32,166

·         Graduation rate: 70%

In addition to its undergraduate degree, the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business also offers an MBA and a Ph.D. in marketing. However, they truly invest in these programs starting with their undergraduate offering. Student organization like the American Marketing Association help students interact with one another and learn the ins and outs of the marketing industry. The Marketing Institute allows students to work on real marketing projects for actual, real-world clients and coursework establishes the foundation that drives marketing success post-graduation.

15. University of Kansas

·         In-state tuition: $11,148

·         Out-of-state tuition: $27,358

·         Enrolled students: 27,625

·         Graduation rate: 60.1%

The University of Kansas School of Business molds successful marketing professionals. This fast-paced, hands-on coursework helps students achieve the flexibility, creativity and skills they need to succeed in the marketing world. The average median salary of students graduating with a marketing degree at the University of Kansas comes to $45,000. Plus, 68 percent of students graduate with a job to go to post-grad.

16. University of Maryland

·         In-state tuition: $10,595

·         Out-of-state tuition: $35,216

·         Enrolled students: 40,521

·         Graduation rate: 84.6%

The University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business’s undergraduate marketing program cutting-edge research with traditional education and classroom activities to really build a class of successful marketers. It’s a competitive program that molds creative, experienced and progressive individuals built for some of the most competitive marketing teams in the world.

17. University of Michigan

·         In-state tuition: $15,262

·         Out-of-state tuition: $49,350

·         Enrolled students: 46,002

·         Graduation rate: 91%

The University of Michigan—Ann Arbor’s Michigan Ross Marketing program combines cutting-edge research with emerging technologies and shifting trends to give students a modern and innovative education. Seminars, student organizations, internships and more are all available to students of the Michigan Ross School of Business. These opportunities give students the skills they need as well as the experience that will mold their professional marketing selves.

18. University of Oklahoma

·         In-state tuition: $9,062

·         Out-of-state tuition: $24,443

·         Enrolled students: 31,626

·         Graduation rate: 67.4%

The University of Oklahoma Michael F. Price College of Business focuses on real-world education and experiences. For instance, the Division of Marketing and Supply Chain Management is a great option for students looking to build a marketing portfolio before graduation even hits. University of Oklahoma’s undergrad students can also receive a collaborative education in both marketing and business management, which teaches them how to understand and partner with clients in order to increase sales and brand growth effectively in the real world.

19. University of Pennsylvania

·         Tuition: $55,584

·         Enrolled students: 21,907

·         Graduation rate: 95.6%

The Ivy League school University of Pennsylvania Wharton has a marketing department that offers undergraduate students various courses, programs and concentrations that enables them to build a personalized degree that suits their career goals. Undergraduates can focus on straightforward marketing, marketing and communications, a joint concentration in marketing and operations management, or a concentration in retailing. Partnered with their extensive alumni network, student organizations and business partnerships give students everything they need to succeed as marketers and communicators.

20. University of San Diego

·         Tuition: $49,358

·         Enrolled students: 8,905

·         Graduation rate: 76.7%

The University of San Diego School of Business teaches marketing students the ins and outs of marketing, from research and strategy to branding, implementation, digital experiences, and more. USD also offers undergraduate students real-world industry experience within classrooms and through internships. They provide marketing concentrations in marketing analytics, sales, product management, advertising and digital marketing.

21. University of Southern California

·         Tuition: $56,225

·         Enrolled students: 36,487

·         Graduation rate: 90.8%

The Marketing Department at the USC Marshall School of Business is one of the leading institutions for marketing and business in the country. Students attend classes and seminars, and join organizations that help them gain hands-on experience within the marketing industry. This enables undergraduates to work with top-rated companies, network with industry experts, and develop their skills through real-world projects.

22. University of Texas Austin

·         In-state tuition: $10,606

·         Out-of-state tuition: $37,480

·         Enrolled students: 51,525

·         Graduation rate: 80.6%

The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas is a top-ranking marketing program in the country due to its emphasis on honing top-tier marketing skills throughout the program. They offer hands-on classes and immersive opportunities to help students learn by “doing” and prepare for the future. Students are also encouraged to take internships and study abroad programs to take their knowledge outside of the classroom and put it to good use.

23. University of Wisconsin

·         In-state tuition: $10,555

·         Out-of-state tuition: $36,805

·         Enrolled students: 43,820

·         Graduation rate: 83.7%

The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business teaches undergraduate students to build successful campaigns by teaching them how to understand clients, gather and analyze research, and use data to develop strategies.

24. Wake Forest University

·         Tuition: $53,322

·         Enrolled students: 8,116

·         Graduation rate: 88.2%

Wake Forest University is a highly-selective school with an equally regarded marketing and communications program. Wake Forest places a strong emphasis on digital media – including social platforms, video, and more – which familiarizes students with the ever-changing marketing landscape.

25. Washington University in St. Louis

·         Tuition: $53,399

·         Enrolled students: 15,303

·         Graduation rate: 94.8%

The Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis allows students to immerse themselves in hands-on programs and encourages a well-rounded education that leads to success in all industries. In fact, 40 percent of every student’s classes must be outside of the business school.

From higher-than-average salaries to extensive internship opportunities and co-op experiences, these 25 top undergraduate marketing universities are the institutions behind the future of digital communications.

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