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Rutgers Law School Popular Among Members of Congress

New research has revealed Congress’s most popular Law schools for America’s current elected national politicians. While Harvard reigns supreme, with 20 alumni present across America’s political houses, Rutgers University Law School also makes the list, with 4 alumni serving in Congress: two in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate.

The research conducted by HighRiseLegalFunding, a pre-settlement legal funding company, analyzed the House of Representatives, the House of Senate and every governor’s house to find every official who went to law school and which one they attended to find the most popular law schools.

Harvard University – 20 Alumni

Harvard Law School is the most popular law school for those at the highest government level. With 20 current Harvard Law School alumni serving throughout Congress and as governors across the United States, Harvard Law School takes its place at the top of the list. In the House of Representatives, there are 11 alumni from Harvard Law; among the senators are eight Harvard Law Alumni and one in Florida’s governor’s mansion. The list comprises some of the most well-known politicians, such as Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Chuck Schumer, alongside Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

Georgetown University – 12 Alumni

Ranking second on the list of the most popular law schools for America’s high-level politicians is Georgetown University. The House of Representatives has seven Georgetown Law School Alumni; there are also four in the Senate, alongside one in the Pennsylvania governor’s mansion, making 12 current elected officials in high-level government positions.

Yale University – 8 Alumni

In third place is Yale Law School, with eight politicians in Congress and the governor’s mansions. The majority of the alumni are in the Senate, with six Senators. The presence of Yale Law School is well represented in the Senate, while there are also two graduates in the House of Representatives.

University of Virginia – 5 Alumni

The University of Virginia’s Law School is the fourth most popular among high-level government graduates. There are two located in the House of Representatives as well as two in the Senate, alongside Andy Beshear, who occupies the governor’s mansion in Kentucky. The University of Virginia is the highest ranking non-ivy league for the current sitting congress and governors.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill/Boston College/Rutgers University/University of South Carolina/University of Texas Austin – 4 Alumni

Five universities are in joint fifth position, with four law school graduates each. North Carolina politicians’ education is native to their state, with three of the five delegates for the House of Representatives having graduated from law school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Also one of the senators is a proud alumnus from North Carolina Chapel Hill Law School.

Boston College has three Law School graduates in the House of Representatives, and Ed Markey is a senator for the state of Massachusetts.

The University of South Carolina has two alumni in the House of Representatives one in the Senate, and Henry McMaster is a UOSC law school graduate and state governor.

The University of Texas Austin Law School has four graduates in the House of Representatives, all representing the state of Texas.

A spokesperson from HighRiseLegalFunding commented on the findings: “It’s not unusual for politicians to come from a legal background with sixteen presidents having attended law school, so it’s compelling to see where our current crop of politicians earned their stripes. Not surprisingly, two of the top three positions are occupied by Ivy League schools; however, the other eight universities aren’t Ivy League schools, showing that your law career can excel even if you don’t attend an ‘elite’ school. For anyone who envisions a political career but is interested in a legal route initially, this list will serve as an interest to them.”

University  Amount of Attendee Politicians 





University of Virginia 

University of North Carolina Chapell Hill 

Boston College 

Rutgers University 

University of South Carolina 

University of Texas Austin 

Boston College 

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