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Rutgers Redevelops Program to Lean into Rapidly Changing Healthcare Data

Higher education is being impacted by the enormous amount of data the COVID-19 pandemic has created, allowing researchers and providers to analyze trends, monitor patient populations, and begin rectifying longstanding issues in the healthcare industry. Because of this, Rutgers Business School has seen a 60% increase in its revamped The Master of Health Care Analytics and Intelligence program. 40% of those admitted to the program shared that the pandemic has impacted them and pursued their interest.

Program Director Xin (David) Ding says, “With over 2,000 exabytes of new healthcare data generated in 2020, the ability to extract, analyze, and interpret the tremendous amount of information holds the key to the future of healthcare. During the pandemic, industry leaders set an exemplary case of how healthcare analytics capabilities can be leveraged to address various issues in supply chain, capitation and heath disparity.”

The STEM-designated program was redeveloped just before the pandemic. It customizes a business and analytics curriculum for data-driven students to pursue analytical roles in the industry. Graduates are positioned to influence the direction of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare insurance providers, medical service providers, and consulting companies, etc.

One-third of students enrolled in the program have business backgrounds, a third are in the engineering field, and a third are in healthcare. Yu Zhou, a student with a master’s degree in nursing, says analytical tools and information technology helps healthcare leaders better engage patients into self-care behaviors, screen high-risk patients, and improve communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Zhou also says that during the COVID-19 pandemic, information technology has further demonstrated its role in facilitating immediate information distribution, tracking transmission in real-time, and offering online consultation for patients.

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