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Rowan’s 3+1 Engineering Programs Look to Meet Industry Demand

Rowan University and Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) have announced two new 3+1 programs in engineering technology to meet the great demand for workers who are experts in the practical application of science and engineering concepts in the workplace.

These new degrees, Electrical Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology, will be offered exclusively at RCBC’s Mount Laurel Campus as part of Rowan University’s Engineering Technology Department, which was recently created in the University’s Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering.

Engineers and engineering technologists work together in process and product design, system optimization and management, and engineering operations. While both engineers and technologists require similar insights and skill sets, engineers traditionally focus more on theory and design, and engineering technologists place greater emphasis on the application of advanced technological skills. Engineering technologists work in areas such as transportation, power, climate control, machine design, manufacturing, materials, land management and automation.

According to Dr. Anthony Lowman, dean of the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, “Rowan Engineering is committed to developing programs and credentials that prepare individuals to meet the workforce demands of tomorrow. The American Society for Engineering Education and federal labor data project increasing demand both regionally and nationally for engineering technologists, and we and our partners at RCBC are eager to meet that demand.”

Rowan Engineering has a long history of partnering with industry, government agencies and academic institutions to develop innovative programs. The Engineering Technology Department will continue that tradition by providing industry-driven, accessible, affordable and high-quality credentialing opportunities for students. Students in engineering technology programs will earn both an associate degree and bachelor’s degree as part of the 3+1 partnership between the University and RCBC that offers a path to a high-quality bachelor’s degree by offering the first three years of coursework from the community college.

“Rowan has made a commitment to develop novel pathways and create educational opportunities for our state and region that strengthen our economy,” said Rowan University President Dr. Ali Houshmand. “The Engineering Technology programs illustrate what is possible when partners come to the table to do the hard work of reforming our education system.”

Since January 2017 when RCBC became the first community college in the region to offer junior-year courses, more than 1,100 students have committed to the program. By May, 3+1 will have saved nearly 100 graduates more than $3.3 million in tuition.

“We are certainly proud of early results and are overwhelmed when we hear about students who are heading off to medical school without any debt or about those working adults who have returned to college after many years because of the opportunities 3+1programs provide,” said RCBC President Dr. Michael A. Cioce. “Those powerful stories give us inspiration to continue to work with Rowan University and leading employers to develop more 3+1 programs in growing fields.”

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