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Rowan Launches Cannabis Education Certificates

Rowan University’s Global Learning & Partnerships Outreach department is partnering with cannabis education and training leader Green Flower to offer three new certificate programs to prepare students for careers in the cannabis industry. These programs will cover advanced dispensary associate skills training, cannabis extraction and product development, and cultivation.

All courses are offered fully online and are divided into three nine-week courses.

“Since New Jersey’s legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use, we’ve witnessed an influx of economic opportunities,” said Dr. Terrence Hardee, director of Executive Education and External Affairs with Rowan University. “Our partnership with Green Flower has allowed us to move quickly to address the high-demand careers in the cannabis industry. Green Flower is an innovative partner offering cutting-edge education that will help us provide a solid educational foundation for anyone interested in getting involved in the cannabis industry.”

As the industry continues to grow, demand for a well-trained workforce will too. The new certificates will provide skills and knowledge to help students thrive.

Interested students may register and begin courses anytime with online instruction by expert faculty members vetted and selected by Green Flower.

Upon certificate completion, graduates will have access to Green Flower’s employer network.

“Green Flower is honored to be partnering with Rowan University to offer our three cannabis industry training certificate programs. A top 200 national university and one of the top institutions in New Jersey, their history and commitment to helping traditional students as well as working adults find and build new careers is second to none,” says Green Flower Chief Growth Officer Daniel Kalef.

“ As the cannabis industry continues to grow significantly not only in New Jersey, but in NY and the entire region, leaders from the university looked to find ways for students to become highly qualified to work in the industry and help ensure not only the continued growth in New Jersey, but growth in great part due to a well-trained workforce. We are very excited to partner with Rowan University to offer these courses and are excited to begin offering them to the public.”

Courses cost $750 with a flexible payment plan option available. Students who register for classes beginning April 15th can save $150 using the discount code, ROWANFIRST.

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