Ridgewood Private Equity Partners Announces $100 Million Investment in Neptune Regional Transmission System

Ridgewood Private Equity Partners (RPEP), an investment firm focused on energy and infrastructure real asset strategies with offices in New York City and Montvale, has announced an investment of approximately $100 million in the Neptune Regional Transmission System (“Neptune“).  Neptune, a 65-mile submarine power transmission cable connecting New Jersey and Long Island, has capacity of 660-Megawatt high-voltage direct-current that is fully contracted with the Long Island Power Authority (“LIPA”) under a long-term agreement. Since initiating operation in mid-2007, Neptune has provided, on average, approximately 20 percent of the electricity for Long Island.

“The Neptune transmission line is a terrific energy-focused infrastructure asset that offers both current yield and attractive capital appreciation potential,” said Ross Posner, who leads RPEP and its Investment Team. “Our opportunity to execute this investment reflects our deep domain expertise, proprietary investment sourcing relationships, and rigorous due diligence processes, and we are delighted to deliver this investment opportunity to our investors.”

RPEP’s investment in Neptune was made on behalf of entities representing the State of Michigan Retirement Systems and a major family office.

RPEP Managing Director Michael Albrecht, who led the investment, said, “Neptune has several features that make it a particularly appealing investment.  It’s a critical piece of infrastructure with a proven record of operating performance that delivers cost effective and reliable power to a high-demand region.  Neptune’s management team has done a wonderful job developing and operating this asset, and we are delighted to partner with them through this investment.”

“RPEP’s investment in Neptune represents a continuation of the Ridgewood Companies’ 30+ year history of delivering unique, energy-focused real asset investment solutions to its investors,” said Matthew Swanson, Senior Managing Director. “Sophisticated investors are increasingly realizing the importance of high-quality infrastructure and real asset investments as a cornerstone of their portfolio, particularly given recent trends in the broader markets.  Our investment in Neptune is a wonderful example of our commitment and ability to deliver these kinds of differentiated investment solutions to our investor base.”

Ridgewood Private Equity Partners is part of the affiliated Ridgewood Companies, which have sponsored and manage specialized private equity investment funds with total capital and commitments of over $7 billion, focused primarily on energy, infrastructure, and other real asset investment strategies.

Loop Capital acted as financial advisor to Ridgewood Private Equity Partners.

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