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QPharma Acquires MedStart Connect Sample Kiosk Program

Morristown-based QPharma, a leading provider of compliance and commercial services to the life sciences industry, has announced its acquisition of MedStart Connect, which enables pharmaceutical samples to be conveniently and securely stored for distribution by physicians.

QPharma acquired the solution from MedVantx, a provider of services to enhance patient access and adherence, and will continue to partner with the company.

At the heart of the program is the MedStart Cabinet, a secure, state-of-the-art kiosk that sits in physicians’ offices and enables prescribers to dispense generic and branded drug samples that are specifically tracked to the patient’s electronic medical/health record. Hundreds of these cabinets are already deployed at health systems and doctors’ offices throughout the United States — many of which are “no-see, no-call” offices. This allows physicians to access samples without direct involvement of a sales representative or pharmaceutical company. According to healthcare data firm SK&A, more than 40 percent of healthcare practitioner offices are in this category.

“This is a natural extension and complement to our portfolio of services, as QPharma is already an industry leader in pharmaceutical direct-to-rep and direct-to-physician sample management and fulfillment,” explained QPharma President and CEO Patrick P. Den Boer.

“We believe combining QPharma’s commercial expertise with the capabilities of the MedStart Connect platform will greatly enhance the value and scope of services we can jointly offer pharmaceutical companies, health systems, payors, physicians and patients,” added Robert Feeney, Jr., founder and CEO of MedVantx.

QPharma has added nine new employees to its team, most of whom are based in San Diego, where the company will now operate a West Coast office.

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