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PSE&G Training People for Clean Energy Jobs

Utility Aims to Prepare 2,000 People from Underserved Communities for Careers in Energy

PSE&G has kicked off an initiative to provide low- to moderate-income New Jersey residents with the skills needed for careers in the fast-growing energy efficiency sector. It’s part of the utility’s Clean Energy Jobs program, designed to put up to 2,000 people to work in New Jersey’s clean energy sector.

Energy efficiency work in New Jersey is expected to increase eight fold, creating a need for skilled workers. PSE&G’s jobs program aims to close that gap, and has already put about 700 people to work supporting the utility’s $1 billion energy efficiency initiative. Hiring is expected to continue this year, including 40 people who recently began the six-month training course that will prepare them for jobs at businesses that deliver energy efficiency services. Eventually, the company expects the program will place 2,000 workers in jobs that help customers save money, reduce their energy use and shrink their carbon footprint.

PSE&G’s energy efficiency initiative, the largest commitment to energy efficiency ever in New Jersey, includes programs designed to provide environmental benefits and reduce customer bills while creating jobs and boosting the state’s economy.

“The jobs program is a great example of PSE&G’s commitment to being a positive force in a changing world,” PSE&G President Kim Hanemann said. “There is a shortage of workers with the skills needed to implement energy efficiency at the scale we are pursuing. The Clean Energy Jobs Program is an innovative approach that will help close the skills gap and provide career opportunities to residents of underserved communities. Equity is one of our guiding principles, and we want all New Jersey communities to share in the benefits of the clean energy transformation.”

PSE&G’s jobs training program relies on industry experts to teach candidates the skills and competencies needed to supply energy efficiency services. It provides a living wage to participants while they attend courses in clean energy, technical skills, interpersonal skills, job readiness and specific on-the-job functions. The program also provides wrap-around services such as child care, transportation and assistance with resume writing to help participants succeed.

The group in training are learning to be field technicians, weatherization technicians, administrative professionals and energy efficiency specialists. Training is mostly virtual, and any in-person classes follow New Jersey COVID-19 protocols.

PSE&G is working with the state Department of Labor and local organizations throughout the state to recruit candidates for the jobs program. The program seeks candidates from underserved communities with no prior experience in clean energy, but with intangible skills such as desire, passion, commitment and a strong work ethic.

Energy efficiency is part of PSEG’s vision to power a future where people use less energy, and it’s cleaner, safer and delivered more reliably than ever. PSE&G offers 10 energy efficiency programs that give every residential and business customer opportunities to lower energy use and save on their utility bills, such as rebates on energy-efficient appliances and equipment and custom energy efficiency solutions for business. The program builds on PSE&G’s previous energy efficiency initiatives as we strive to bring the benefits of energy efficiency to every customer.

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