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PSEG Partnership Aims to Place Underserved Individuals into Tech Roles

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) — a non-profit organization connecting individuals from underserved populations with transformative career opportunities — in partnership with PSEG has launched job placement and training programs that will fill a total of 37 roles at PSEG’s Newark and Bethpage, NY locations.

Through its Talent Acquisition Program (TAP), WOS is spearheading training and employment programs that will train candidates for full-time positions in Software Development, IT Desktop Support, Windows, Network, and Database Administration roles. The individuals in the program will receive comprehensive job training from App Academy and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), paid in full by WOS, as well as a weekly stipend. The academics will be followed by an opportunity to work at PSEG through a paid work-study period with the intent to eventually convert and become a full-time PSEG employee.

Courtney Martin, a Newark-based program participant, recalls her work before she found WOS: “I was working in an inbound call center. I sought change so that I could have a career and not just a job. I’m hopeful the knowledge I’ll gain through the program will lead me to that career.”

For Tanner DeLucia, another Newark-based program participant, prior to this program he was hopping from one part-time job to another, struggling to land a stable job in technology, a field he’s passionate about. For a Long Island-based Kevin Huang, he hopes for a career where he will learn, grow, and share his knowledge. Being part of the WOS program provides him with an opportunity to further develop his technical skills and grow professionally.

“I am thrilled to announce our partnership expansion with PSEG, WOS’ single-largest program since its founding in 2005,” says Dr. Art Langer, Founder and Chairman of WOS. “PSEG’s commitment to hiring an additional 37 individuals from our programs showcases our ability to meet the talent demands of the marketplace, especially in a time where companies are starved for talent. We’re thrilled to be deepening our partnership with PSEG and look forward to witnessing the transformation of the individuals selected for the program.”

“A focus on diversity and inclusion permeates all aspects of our business and is key to attract and retain high-performing talent and ensure that the energy services we offer represent the needs of all our customers,” said Joseph Santamaria, PSEG’s Chief Information and Digital Officer. “Working with partners like WOS to support our talent acquisition needs while supporting underserved individuals is a true win-win.”

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