PSEG Announces Joint Promotion with Nissan USA

PSEG today announced a joint electric car promotion with Nissan USA to offer PSE&G customers a $10,000 rebate off the MSRP of the 2017 all-electric LEAF. The promotion is open to customers of PSE&G and is available through September 30, 2017 or until 2017 LEAFs are out of stock (whichever occurs first).

“Electric cars can be a powerful tool in combatting climate change and reducing other pollutants – especially in a state like New Jersey where roughly half of our electricity comes from air emissions-free nuclear,” said Courtney McCormick, VP Renewables and Energy Solutions for PSE&G. “There are an increasing number of electric cars being offered that meet the needs of different consumers. We encourage our customers to check out the all-electric LEAF to see if it is right for their driving needs.”

In addition to the $10,000 Nissan rebate off the MSRP, customers could be eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit.  The sale of all-electric cars, such as the 2017 LEAF, is not subject to sales tax in New Jersey.  The 2017 LEAF gets an average 107 miles per charge.

“I salute PSE&G for its leadership in electric cars and for this innovative promotion,” said Tim Eustace, Chairman of the New Jersey Assembly Environmental Committee and a LEAF owner. “Increasing the number of electric cars on New Jersey’s roads is an important component to an overall climate change strategy.  Electric car owners – of all models – are the most satisfied car owners in America.  As a LEAF owner for more than five years, I urge customers of PSE&G to consider if now might be a good time to see if a LEAF, or another electric car model, might be right for them.”

PSE&G outlined the potential benefits of these incentives:
Start with a  $32,500 MSRP
Subtract the $10,000 Nissan USA rebate
Subtract  $7,500 federal tax credit
Add  $0 for sales tax
Final cost of car —  $15,000
($32,500 list price is for a base model 2017 LEAF, the MSRP of cars available will vary based on features)

To take advantage of this offer, a customer must take a copy of their PSE&G bill and a copy of the flyer available on to a Nissan dealer. It is suggested that customers call ahead to make sure that a 2017 LEAF is available at the dealer.  The discount cannot be combined with other offers.  For more information, visit

In 2016, PSEG received recognition from the state of New Jersey for its leadership in promoting electric cars and investing in electric car infrastructure.  These efforts include:
• PSEG runs the largest electric car employee incentive program in the state with more 45 chargers installed at company locations
• Last month PSE&G, in partnership with EVgo, installed two fast chargers at the Molly Pitcher Service Area on the New Jersey Turnpike.
• PSE&G has provided 135 car chargers to 23 New Jersey hospitals, colleges and businesses to encourage their employees to commute in electric cars.
• PSE&G has 17 electric cars in its company fleet, as well as many partially electric-powered trucks.

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