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Provident Bank Expands Financial Wellness Center

Provident Bank, which provided financial literacy programs to more than 3,200 students throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania during the school year, has expanded its Financial Wellness Center to offer financial literacy to all.

Provident Bank’s Financial Wellness Center provides informational and educational modules focused on relevant personal financial topics including building emergency savings, mortgage education, investments, and retirement planning.

“Our Financial Wellness Center is for all knowledge seekers – not just for those who entrust their banking to us. We understand that people have questions about their personal finances and they may not always feel comfortable having a face-to-face discussion. The Financial Wellness Center allows users to learn at their own pace and to choose the financial wellness modules that fit their life stage,” says Joseph Spatola, SVP, Chief Compliance Officer, Provident Bank.

As part of Provident’s ongoing commitment to financial education and literacy, the Bank expanded the Financial Wellness Center, adding 24 learning modules that allow users to navigate several topics. Modules include voiceover narration, videos, tutorials and scenario planning exercises.

“Since relaunching the Financial Wellness Center and opening it to everyone, we have noticed more visits to the site and more learners exploring the modules. There are no fees to access the modules and no registration is required. Our Financial Wellness Center is open to everyone,” says Spatola.

Additionally, during the 2017-2018 school year, a total of 3,439 students at 23 schools throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania participated in Provident’s BFF (Becoming Financially Fit) program, an innovative online financial learning tool.  Students spent a total of 13,898 hours of learning with the program, completing more than 18,530 modules.

And most notably, students who completed Provident Bank BFF modules often more than doubled their scores on assessment tests. Since Provident started the program in 2012, more than 11,220 students have participated in their financial literacy program.

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