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i.Predictus Launches Jules, The Future of Predictive Sales Analytics

i.Predictus, a Marketsmith company and leader in automated marketing analytics, announces the launch of “Jules”, a predictive analytics tool that can forecast future sales with 93% accuracy.

Marketers now have the ability to see, with complete confidence, how their marketing plans will perform so they can better plan and budget their media spend. Moreover, they can alter the mix as often as they wish until they realize the greatest optimum return on their investment—before it even happens.

“This is a game changing technology for the marketing industry,” says i.Predictus Executive Vice President Carina Pologruto. “Jules analyzes the impact of every individual tactic within a marketing plan to see each particular element’s effect on the final sales result.”

The team at Cedar Knolls-based i.Predictus named their revolutionary new development in predictive marketing and media analytics after the visionary creator of the genre that inspired so much real-world innovation, Jules Verne.

This Jules, however, is not science fiction. It is the product of countless hours of research and development by Marketsmith’s i.Predictus team and is based on real world marketing mix scenarios. Quite simply, with Jules, marketers can adjust their spend on each tactic to see if changes result in greater or lesser sales. This applies to every single tactic along the consumer’s path to purchase–from broadcast advertising right through to in-store promotion and display.

“No tactic is beyond Jules’ reach,” notes Pologruto.

It’s not just an ability to analyze the past that makes Jules so revolutionary; the model can also use that history to predict future sales–and do so with 93% accuracy.[1]

“Our development team has every reason to believe their invention’s namesake would be proud,” boasts Pologruto.

CMOs can now rely on evidence-based data to support their marketing plans and leave their crystal ball at home!”

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