Port Authority Releases Proposed 2016 Operating and Capital Budgets for Public Review

The Port Authority today posted for public review a proposed $3 billion operating budget that funds critical planning for future growth in a fiscally responsible manner.  The agency also posted a $3.5 billion capital budget that funds critical state-of-good-repair to existing transportation facilities and new infrastructure that is needed to sustain and accelerate growth and enhance the overall customer experience.

Prepared in a fiscally disciplined manner consistent with the agency’s mission, the $3 billion operating budget represents a 2.8 percent increase in expenses over the prior year budget and includes incremental expenses associated with phasing in the final operating components of World Trade Center and for initiatives to enhance our competitiveness and plan for the future.  Before consideration of the incremental World Trade Center costs, the proposed budget represents an increase in expenses of 2.4 percent.

Among the new and continued initiatives funded by the operating budget are programs to secure agency facilities and improve the Port Authority Bus Terminal’s quality of commute, Aviation strategic vision studies and a Port Commerce master plan.

The budget also includes two police training classes for a total of 250 recruits in 2016 in order to address staff turnover, retirements and new workload, and includes other programs designed to address ongoing succession planning within the agency.

The proposed $3.5 billion Capital Budget provides funds to maintain critical transportation facilities at the region’s airports, seaports, tunnels, bridges, terminals and PATH system and continued redevelopment of the World Trade Center site.

Major investments include the upgrade and modernization of our airports, tunnels, bridges and terminals, including: the redevelopment of LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B; continued planning and design of a replacement of Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal A; the Goethals and Bayonne Bridge projects; access improvements to the Lincoln Tunnel; rehabilitation of the George Washington Bridge; and continued improvements in the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) as well as planning for its long term replacement. Funds also are included for redevelopment of Greenville Yard to support a new ship-to-rail facility.  Improvements to PATH include implementation of positive train controls, modernization of the Harrison Station and completion of the World Trade Center PATH Station and the transportation hub.

“This is a fiscally responsible budget that provides us the resources to plan for future growth at our airports, in trans-Hudson travel and in cargo growth at our seaports, while allowing us to invest in projects that create jobs and enhance regional mobility,” said Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye.  “Our staff meticulously prioritized our resources to continue to keep the increase in core operating expenses to 2.4 percent.”

Highlights of the proposed 2016 Operating Budget:

·         $26 million for two new police recruit classes totaling 250 (125 each) to fill vacancies in the Port Authority Police Department

·         $8 million for future planning including an aviation strategic vision  to maximize potential and enhance airport competitiveness, a Port Commerce master plan to optimize land use, and operation of an agency wide operations center for enhanced system wide trans-Hudson transportation management.

·         In addition to $54 million for Port Authority Bus Terminal capital improvements and $15 million for planning efforts as mentioned below, $2.2 million to continue the Port Authority’s Quality of Commute program at the PABT.  Projects include installation and support of additional air conditioning units, and an improved Lincoln Tunnel bus tracking system.

·         $17 million toward enhanced asset management to more efficiently and cost effectively maintain our assets in a state of good repair.

Highlights of the proposed 2016 Capital Budget:

·         $952 million for continued investment in tunnel, bridge and terminal facilities, including the ongoing Bayonne Bridge project, the new Goethals Bridge, major rehabilitation to the George Washington Bridge and capital improvements at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, including continued investment in the agency’s Quality of Commute program, as well as $15 million for the master planning effort to replace the bus terminal and provisions for the International Design Competition.

·         $978 million to complete components of the World Trade Center, including the World Trade Center Transportation Hub and retail development.

·         $888 million for Aviation projects, including $461 million for the continued redevelopment of Terminal B and related infrastructure at LaGuardia Airport and $17 million in planning for a new Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport.

·         $290 million for investments in rehabilitation and resiliency of infrastructure resulting from Superstorm Sandy, capacity expansion and continued installation of Positive Train Control and station upgrades on PATH.

·         $175 million to support port facilities by replacement and rehabilitation of berths and wharves along with improving roadway access and developing Greenville Yards for intermodal transportation.


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