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Port Authority Had Busiest Seaport in US in August

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that volumes across the agency’s facilities in August 2022 remained at or below pre-pandemic levels, with the exception of the seaport, which handled a double-digit increase of cargo volume compared to pre-pandemic August 2019. The seaport was the busiest in the nation in August and marked 25 straight months of monthly cargo growth.

The latest facility operating volumes for August 2022 are detailed below. Air passenger volumes in August 2022 were 94% of pre-pandemic August 2019 volume. Traffic at the bridges and tunnels in August 2022 was essentially flat compared to August 2019. PATH’s total ridership in August 2022 increased to about 54% of its August 2019 total ridership. At the seaport, 24.1% more total cargo moved through the port in August 2022 compared to the volume handled during pre-pandemic August 2019, making the month the busiest August in the port’s history and the Port of New York and New Jersey as the busiest in the United States for the month of August.

The Port Authority has included monthly data comparisons below of August 2022 to the month prior to provide further insight into facility trends. Comparing August 2022 to July 2022, the volume at the airports increased 3%, traffic at the bridges and tunnels increased by less than 1%, and PATH ridership in August 2022 increased 5.6% from July 2022. Compared to July, August 2022 cargo movement at the seaport was up 8.6%.


In August 2022, the Port Authority’s airports handled a total of 12.5 million passengers, which was 94% of pre-COVID August 2019 volumes.

Airport passenger volumes increased 3% from July 2022, when the airport served 12.2 million passengers.

Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals (TB&T):

In August 2022, the Port Authority’s four bridges and two tunnels handled a total of 10.8 million eastbound vehicles, which was similar compared to the pre-pandemic August 2019 level of 11 million vehicles.

August 2022 volumes increased less than 1% over the previous month’s volumes when comparing average daily traffic. Automobile traffic was similar to July 2022, while truck traffic increased 9.4%.


PATH reported 3.8 million riders in August 2022, which was 53.8% of PATH’s total ridership in pre-pandemic August 2019.

Compared to July 2022, August 2022 total ridership increased by 5.6%.


The Port of New York and New Jersey moved 843,191 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) in August 2022, marking the busiest August in the seaport’s history and placing the port as the No. 1 port in the nation in total containers handled for the month. The month also marked more than two years of consecutive monthly record-high activity. August 2022 cargo volume increased by 24.1% compared to August 2019.

Cargo volume increased by 8.6% compared to July 2022, when the seaport handled 776,167 TEUs.

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