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PLT Health Moves into New Office Space Designed by Kimmerle Group

Kimmerle Group, the Harding Township-based based, multifaceted design, real estate, planning, development, and branding practice, completed the build out of a 14,000-square-foot office for PLT Health Solutions at 119 Headquarters Plaza in Morristown. The Kimmerle Newman Architects and Kimmerle Workspace teams were contracted to design the new space, specify/procure furniture, and carry out branding and graphics.

PLT Health Solutions (PLT) is a developer and marketer of scientifically supported ingredient solutions of natural products, food & beverage, and cosmeceuticals markets. PLT moved to a new space within 119 Headquarters Plaza, a 13-story building in the heart of Morristown’s business district. The company is now on a higher floor which provides sweeping views of the surrounding area. PLT was looking for a refresh of its office space, and the jump to a higher floor allowed the team to design an environment for its employees that was more reflective of who it was as a company.

The Kimmerle team guided PLT through many decisions on how to make the new space feel new and fresh while integrating existing items, many of which were still in great shape and could add to the texture and warmth of the new office. The result is a new workspace for PLT that speaks to the company’s brand, offering elegance and refinement while still feeling current and fresh.

Said Paul Newman, a vice president and partner at Kimmerle Group, “This was a real opportunity to create a space that reflects PLT’s overall wellness and health platform. Green walls and natural woods combine with sleek glass to allow sunlight to penetrate and permeate the space throughout. All furniture was carefully selected to enhance the effect. Kimmerle Newman Architects/Kimmerle Workspace collaborated closely with PLT Health Solutions on all details of the space. It was clear PLT was enjoying the design process!”

The design retains some of the existing woodwork and natural slate floors in the elevator lobby and reception area, as well as existing woodwork in the conference rooms. Select furniture and fixtures were purposefully chosen to reuse and the Kimmerle team strategically picked finishes, along with new furniture pieces that made the existing elements feel fresh and invigorated.

It was important for PLT, which often has clients visiting, to enhance the reception and conference suite areas and have them feel welcomed. Large living walls were added to the reception area and elevator lobby, creating a more modern and inviting feel by bringing the outdoors in. Additionally, Kimmerle carved out spaces in the lobby where PLT can display its products. PLT’s branding was inherent in the material choices for the office.

Glass-fronted, individual offices were brought into the floorplan’s interior to allow for more workstations on the window lines, giving as much open, natural light to staff as possible, and allowing the sunlight benefit from the higher floor to penetrate throughout the space. A large, central canteen connects with a collaborative work area near the window line, and will allow for full staff town hall meetings, company gatherings, and other celebrations.

According to Devin Stagg, Chief Operating Officer of PLT Health Solutions, working with the Kimmerle Newman Architects/Kimmerle Workspace gave the company an opportunity to create a headquarters and working environment that will support the company’s vibrant international business. “PLT Health Solutions is a company that brings a unique set of value propositions to a very diverse, progressive, and global customer base. We wanted our headquarters space to reflect these capabilities and to provide a highly collaborative space for our people, our suppliers and our customers ,” he said. “Our new facilities reflect the creativity and commitment to human health and environmental friendliness that are hallmarks of the PLT business,” he added.

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