Pfister Energy Completes Production On Lockheed Martin’s Largest Solar Field

Pfister Energy was selected to design, build and construct a 2.5 MW solar field for Lockheed Martin’s Moorestown facility. The 8-acre, 2.5 megawatt (DC), ground mount, photovoltaic solar field will reduce the facilities environmental impact through this upgrade by saving 5 percent of its annual electric usage.

“Lockheed Martin has made great strides in clean energy and energy efficiency by developing and offering these technologies to their clients,” states Wayne Pfisterer, president of Pfister Energy. “In this case, Lockheed Martin is taking this a step further by implementing clean energy on one of its own facilities. Pfister Energy is proud to work with Lockheed Martin on this solar project and to continue to drive its shared vision of a new clean energy future.”

The imperative to innovate has always been at the center for Lockheed Martin and how they do business. Their sustainability mission is to foster innovation, integrity and security to protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth.

“Lockheed Martin strives to achieve environmentally conscious business operations. Our environmental stewardship efforts extend to our facilities across the world,” said Jim Sheridan, vice president and Moorestown general manager. “I am particularly proud that our Moorestown facility is home to the Corporation’s largest solar field which is part of our pledge to quadruple our onsite renewable generation by 2020.”

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