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NY Shipping Association Adds NJ to Its Name

New name and refreshed logo better reflect organization’s continued mission on both sides of the Hudson River

The New York Shipping Association announced today that, going forward, it will be doing business as the Shipping Association of New York and New Jersey.

The association was created in 1955. This was a time when the overwhelming majority of cargo-handling work in the Port of New York and New Jersey took place in the State of New York. Over the past 67 years, the business of the port has evolved to where nearly 90% of the cargo-handling port work now takes place in New Jersey.

The more recent goals of the Shipping Association have been to modernize port operations, improve productivity, facilitate growth, and streamline processes for our members. It is also time that we modernize our name to reflect the work of our membership more accurately to the workforce, the industry, local communities, Trenton, Albany, and Washington, DC.

Along with the name change, the organization has an updated, refreshed logo.

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