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NY & NJ Pass Gateway Development Commission Act

Gov. Phil Murphy, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, legislative leaders and the Gateway Program Development Corporation (GDC) pass the bi-state Gateway Development Commission Act, making the GDC an eligible recipient for federal, state and local grants for the Gateway tunnel project.

In a written statement, GDC leaders Jerry Zaro, chairman, Anthony Coscia, vice chairman, and Steven M. Cohen, New York trustee, commented:

“Making GDC a bi-state commission will allow us to meet our mission of delivering Gateway and finally replacing a century old, failing, one-track-in, one-track-out rail system with modern, reliable, 21stcentury infrastructure to serve hundreds of thousands of daily riders and 20% of the nation’s GDP.

“The passage of this joint legislation puts us over a critical hurdle in moving forward with the Gateway project and should once again alleviate any concerns raised by our federal partners. It’s clear that New York, New Jersey, and Amtrak stand ready to get these projects done.

“In addition, it advances GDC’s role as an entity solely dedicated to overseeing the delivery of the Gateway Program and amplifying the active role of our partners in New York, New Jersey, Amtrak, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and New Jersey Transit.

“Last, the legislation makes crystal clear the commitment of both states to funding and delivering Gateway. There simply is no room to argue that our states don’t have real ‘skin in the game.’

“During the coming period, as Commissioners are nominated and approved and the bi-state Commission is stood up to meet the language of the legislation, the Gateway Program Development Corporation will continue to coordinate and guide the work of our project partners, and the current project sponsors the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the Hudson Tunnel Project and NJ Transit for the Portal North Bridge Project, will continue advancing these projects to ensure we do all we can to move Gateway forward as quickly as possible.”

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