NJ TRANSIT Reveals 10-Year Strategic Plan

At today’s COVID-19 press briefing, Gov. Phil Murphy and NJ TRANSIT President and CEO Kevin Corbett unveiled NJ TRANSIT’s NJT2030 – a 10-year strategy to transform the organization into what it describes as “a modern, world-class, 21st century transit network,” as well as a complementary five-year capital plan.

“This is an exciting day for NJ TRANSIT,” Corbett said at today’s briefing. “We are confident that NJT2030 and our 5-year capital plan provides us with the direction that the agency was so sorely lacking when we arrived.”

Corbett said that NJT2030 is a “living document” that he fully expects to be refined as the state heads towards 2030.

“NJT2030 puts forward the vision for how NJ TRANSIT plans to address a decade-long period of disinvestment; modernize how Kevin [Corbett] and his team will transform NJ TRANSIT’s core business to better serve customers and communities; and regain the confidence of [the agency’s] customers, employees and stakeholders,” Murphy said.

The plan, which Murphy described as more than a year in the making, includes 26 specific strategies categorized into five overarching goals including:

  • Ensuring system-wide reliability and safety
  • Delivering a high-quality experience to all customers
  • Powering a stronger and fairer economic recovery across communities and regions
  • Building an even more accountable and innovative and inclusive culture
  • Promoting a more sustainable future for NJ TRANSIT and New Jersey 

Specific details of each area of the plan can be found here:

“This plan was coming together well before our current emergency took hold, but it includes actions to give customers and transit operators confidence as we begin our restart and recovery,” Murphy said. “[These] include enhanced cleaning, social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment among both customers and transit employees, and more.”

Murphy noted that the plan is highly reliant on infrastructure and equipment being maintained and properly protected.

“We know what happens to quality and reliability of service when that doesn’t happen,” he said. “That is the hole that we have been climbing out of for the past two and a half years.”

Murphy added that NJ TRANSIT’s Five-Year Capital Plan will play a role in identifying projects that are proceeding with funding already in place, as well as projects that are not funded but vital to NJ TRANSIT’s service delivery.

COVID-19 Update

Municipal and private club swimming pools will be able to reopen on June 22. Guidance and protocols that must be followed are expected to be released tomorrow.

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