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NJM Insurance Expands Driving Assessments Across CHOP’s Primary Care Network

In order to keep all drivers safe on the roads, the youngest drivers must be adequately prepared for the risks they will face once they get behind the wheel. Thanks to a collaboration between Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and NJM Insurance Group (NJM), thousands of adolescent drivers have completed a virtual driving assessment (VDA) to better prepare them for navigating roads once they obtain their driver’s license.

The partnership, which began in 2020, celebrated two big milestones at a recent event held at CHOP’s Karabots Pediatric Care Center in West Philadelphia – the completion of more than 4,000 assessments and the expanded accessibility of the VDA, which is now available at 26 CHOP Primary Care Network offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Team members from CHOP and NJM were joined by students from Roman Catholic High School who were invited to the event to try the VDA for themselves as one part of their preparation for obtaining their licenses.

The VDA utilizes the Ready-Assess™ platform developed by Diagnostic Driving, Inc. Ready-Assess™ is an AI-driven virtual driving assessment that provides the driver with the insights and tools to improve. During its formative years, Ready-Assess™ was initially piloted and validated with over 40,000 driver license applicants in a partnership with the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

“This partnership was the first-of-its-kind, and its success has provided thousands of novice drivers with an engaging and interactive way to prepare them to be safer drivers when they get their licenses,” said Dr. Flaura Winston, founder and co-scientific director of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) at CHOP. “NJM’s support of this project has not only expanded the presence of this virtual driving platform, but also the data we are generating will inform critical research into improving driving safety for years to come.”

Thanks to a $4 million grant from NJM, CHOP was able to integrate the VDA into primary care visits, meaning that teens preparing to drive could take the assessment as part of routine checkups with their pediatrician. Additionally, the funding allowed CHOP to conduct studies based on data generated from increased use of the VDA.

“Since our founding, safety has been a hallmark of NJM that extends from the workplace to our homes and on the roadway. A major focus is on teen driver safety,” said Mitch Livingston, NJM president and CEO. “NJM’s support of CHOP and the virtual driving assessment program furthers our commitment to serving our local communities and providing teens drivers and their parents with critical resources to develop safe driving habits.”

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