NJIT Launches M.S. Degree in Data Science

In 2016, job search, salary comparison and company ratings site Glassdoor, ranked “data scientist” the most popular job in America.

High-profile companies like Google, Instagram, Verizon and IBM are in dire need of trained data scientists to analyze and leverage captured data for risk mitigation, discovering new insights and marketing to customers.

Although the median base salary of a data scientist is $100,000+, the talent pool is scarce.

To help meet the growing demand of analytics professionals, NJIT announces the launch of a new Master of Science degree in Data Science.

The new degree, housed in the Department of Computer Science at Ying Wu College of Computing, offers two tracks: computational and statistics.

“We have strong data scientists in both the computer science and math departments,” says Cristian Borcea, professor and chair of the computer science department. “Not only do we offer a combination of computer science and applied statistics, which is the foundation of data science, NJIT’s distinction as a leading public technological university provides students with the necessary skills needed to appeal to companies in this ever-increasing digital world and data-driven economy.”

Graduates of the data science program will be able to:

  • Apply statistical methods for decision making and problem-solving
  • Use machine learning to create predictive models
  • Build applications
  • Collaborate within teams
  • Analyze and manage large data sets using high performance computing
  • A total of 30 credits are required and the degree will typically be completed over four semesters.

NJIT is still accepting applications for the M.S. degree in Data Science for Fall 2017.

The deadline for Spring 2018 is Nov. 15; June 1, 2018, for Fall 2018.

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