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NJIT and Union County College Launch Joint Academic Agreement

Union County College (UCC) students pursuing an associate degree in either science or applied sciences are now able to seamlessly transfer into a variety of bachelor’s degree programs — from engineering and architecture to computing and management, and more — at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

The two institutions signed a two-year academic agreement April 30 to provide UCC students with the opportunity to plan their total baccalaureate experience at the beginning of their college education. Effective this past February, the agreement also serves to facilitate the recruitment of students into programs offered by both NJIT and UCC.

“We have had a historic relationship with Union County College and the number of transfer students coming to NJIT from the college continues to grow,” said Fadi P. Deek, NJIT provost and senior executive vice president. “This agreement reaffirms our intent to further expand on the high-quality education pathways for the students and citizens of Union County.”

“For many years, Union graduates who majored in engineering programs have transferred to NJIT. This agreement will allow our students to plan the completion of their bachelor’s degree from the time they begin their classes at the College,” stated Union’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Maris Lown. “This is one more way we are meeting our mission of providing an affordable, high-quality education to residents of Union County.”

Under the agreement, a UCC student must be in good standing at the time of transfer to NJIT. Only courses in which the UCC student earned a grade of “C” or above and which are applicable to bachelor’s programs at NJIT will be considered for acceptance.

Administrators at both NJIT and UCC expect that UCC graduates will be able to complete their bachelor’s degree requirements within two and a half years of full-time study at NJIT.

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