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NJII Partners With ViRvii to Become Leaders in Educational Virtual Reality

The New Jersey Innovation Institute has partnered in a joint venture with ViRvii, Inc., a proprietary virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology and platform provider, to become the leader in professional workforce development, all levels of academic education, and commercial training. Together, ViRvii and NJII will offer scalable and versatile online education experiences using Cross Reality (XR) modalities that are a fusion of VR/AR, machine learning, and advanced camera and computing technologies.

ViRvii is building the most robust virtual reality experience to enable a new way for people to interact, learn, and play inside both low cost and high-end  headsets. The ViRvii platform allows for repeatable, meaningful interactions, the bedrock of any training or educational system. ViRvii’s platform and expertise in software and physical environment development, promotion, and distribution of VR/AR user experiences is unparalleled. ViRvii has a uniquely qualified team of immersive technology, media streaming, and gaming experts.

The benefits of a “VR classroom” to educational institutions and instructors include the ability for students to not only visualize but also react physiologically to experiences that instructors can measure and analyze for learning outcomes and student performance. VR curriculums will use customized, interactive data from trainees to reveal insights about the end users’ learning experiences and course mastery. With wide appeal to student audiences, trainings can occur at any time interval, and in any location. By eschewing traditional design and development, the team enables users to dive quickly in and out of asynchronous sessions and build a unique toolset that can accelerate learning and training as if it was happening in real-time.

NJII, a corporation of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), in Newark, will provide program management, curriculum content development, marketing and sales, event hosting, and support services for the ViRvii platform. “As part of our strategy of becoming a leader in the next generation of online education, we plan to bring the ViRvii platform to medical and biopharma training institutions, law enforcement agencies, universities, and more,” said Dan Kaminski, senior vice president and general manager of the Data & Technology Division at NJII.

Juan Dueñas, co-founder and CEO of ViRvii, said, “We are excited to partner with NJII to integrate immersive and interactive virtual reality content into the educational environment to promote greater learning across the world.” ViRvii has successfully enabled music artists and end users to create their own worlds to enjoy music experiences. Big name partners of ViRvii’s include Facebook, Inc.’s, Oculus to provide funding and distribution for ViRvii created VR content for the Oculus platform.

The pandemic and current events have shown the critical need for engaging learning mediums that can reach the masses when instructors may not be able to teach in person, and the ViRvii platform takes the learning experience to an entirely new level. By partnering with NJII and its subject matter experts, the Joint Venture will create best in class XR storytelling and world building solutions that exceed expectations in online education.

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