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NJDOL Moves Collection of Wage Information, Reason for Separation Online

New Employer Tool Ensures Quick, Secure Unemployment Reporting

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) has updated its method of collecting earnings and other information from employers after an employee separation; instead of receiving responses via U.S. mail, employers will now submit this information via secure online portals.

Employers will continue to receive forms through the mail requesting details about some recent employee separations, or to verify wages. But, the employer will now send their responses electronically – eliminating the need for most phone calls from adjudication agents. Employers can now respond at their convenience, within 10 days of the date NJDOL mails its request, without worry over whether this important correspondence got lost in the mail.

“When an employee separates from an employer and applies for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, we must verify the cause of separation and, in certain circumstances, we must receive additional earnings information from the employer in order to confirm the prospective claimant’s eligibility for benefits,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo. “Collecting this information online is quicker and more secure than going through conventional mail. This is an enhancement we believe will save employers time and add to their convenience.”

The employer’s timely responses help NJDOL agents determine a claimant’s eligibility for benefits, and result in more accurate charges to the employer.

The notice mailed to the employer will provide clear instructions on the information that is needed about the former employee and direct them to the appropriate portal – eAdjudication or eMonetary. Both portals are mobile-friendly and secure to protect employer and employee information.

These resources also are available under the Employer Tools section of the NJDOL’s myunemployment website.

While visiting the NJDOL’s website, employers are also encouraged to create an Employer Access account. Here, employers can report employees who refuse suitable work, review employer and worker contribution rates, download an annual contribution rate notice, as well as file forms NJ-927 and WR-30 online.

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