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NJCU School of Business Launches Pilot Program with HBX

The New Jersey City University (NJCU) School of Business has launched a pilot program with Harvard Business School’s digital learning initiative — HBX.

The pilot program will utilize HBX’s online platform to prepare entering graduate students with a non-business background for graduate studies in business.

The program will engage NJCU’s MBA students with the HBX Credential of Readiness (CORe) program, which offers an interactive, social and case-based education in business analytics, economics and financial accounting.

The HBX CORe program focuses on understanding and solving real-world problems, requires students to play an active role, individually and with each other, emphasizing engagement, discussion, and peer-to-peer learning.

“NJCU students stand to benefit greatly from this digital learning initiative with Harvard Business School,” NJCU President Sue Henderson stated, adding, “Business students enrolled in our MBA program, our finance program, or our new Business Analytics and Data Science master’s program are primed to tackle business curriculum. Now, the interactive and collaborative aspects of the HBX CORe program will encourage students to think outside the box and to bring their non-business scholarship to enhance their business studies and career goals.”

Dr. Daniel J. Julius, NJCU Provost and senior vice president, stated, “This collaboration brings educational innovation and a valuable global learning opportunity to NJCU graduate students who wish to move from non-business disciplines to graduate business studies through this forward-looking approach to learning.”

“We are excited to be working with HBX on this pilot program which offers excellent educational content within an impressive digital delivery format,” said NJCU’s School of Business Dean Bernard McSherry. “The current pilot will determine how best we deploy the HBX program within our overall graduate business program. It is one of our strategic initiatives to offer an excellent contemporary business education to our business students.”

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