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NJCPA Publishes Disaster Recovery Guide

As hurricane season is in full swing along the East Coast, the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA) has published its updated Disaster Recovery Guide to assist individuals and businesses in New Jersey. The guide is designed to be a resource for what to do amid any potential damage from natural disasters.

The NJCPA’s free Disaster Recovery Guide provides guidance on how to replace personal identification cards, document damage and losses for insurance claims, avoid disaster-related fraud and amend tax returns. It also provides a list of state and federal agencies as well as contact information for most major insurance agencies servicing New Jersey. The guide explains the necessary steps to take regarding replacement documentation for autos, homes, mortgages or proof of marriage and outlines what IRS forms may provide further information.

“Though Hurricane Ian is not expected to wreak as much havoc on the mid-Atlantic states as it has in the Southeast, it’s an important time for New Jerseyans to review their documents ahead of any potential natural disasters and flooding,” said Ralph Albert Thomas, CPA (DC), CGMA, CEO and executive director at the NJCPA. “It’s also a good time to touch base with one’s CPA on how these disasters can impact the finances of a business or individual.”

The Disaster Recovery Guide is available online at or by contacting the NJCPA at 973-226-4494 or [email protected].

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