NJBPU Selects Program Administrator for New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has announced that Applied Energy Group (AEG) has been selected to be the next New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program’s (CEP) program administrator.  Transitioning of the CEP program will create an improved customer experience through the streamlining of program management, increasing of program flexibility and creation of significantly enhanced the information technology system.

The Clean Energy Program is a statewide program that supports the goals of Governor Christie’s 2011 Energy Master Plan through financial incentives, programs and services available to New Jersey residents, business owners and local governments to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

“The board’s work to reorganize New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program will offer ratepayers an improved experience and streamlined program offerings,” said Richard S. Mroz, president of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.  “The program reorganization continues efforts to achieve the goals of Governor Christie’s Energy Master Plan by helping New Jersey’s residents, businesses and local governments to reduce their energy consumption, save on energy costs and to improve the environment in that we live and work.”

The new contract streamlines program management from an organizational structure which had three separate contractors, a program coordinator and two separate market managers, to a single program administrator responsible for operation of most phases of the CEP.   Under the previous organizational structure program responsibility was broken into the three distinct and separate areas of responsibility, residential energy efficiency, commercial and industrial programs, and renewable energy, that were assigned separately to the two market managers.  This structure often created customer confusion and project delay.

As program administrator, AEG will establish a streamlined administrative structure to manage residential energy efficiency, commercial and industrial energy efficiency, renewable energy and local/municipal government energy audit programs.  The single contract will improve program flexibility, reduce administrative costs and offer an improved customer experience.  Additionally, AEG will be responsible for assisting Board staff in preparing a strategic development plan to transition the Clean Energy Program from incentives and rebates to new, market-based programs.  The responsibility for quality assurance and quality control will continue to be administered by Board staff.

AEG will operate under a three-year contract, worth approximately $25 million annually to administer the CEP.  As program administrator, AEG’s responsibilities include; program development, technical support, rebate processing, inspections and other quality control measures, training and sales support, and maintaining the customer call center.

AEG was started in 1982 and has provided innovative consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions to help multiple clients in the energy industry meet the complex challenges facing businesses. AEG has assembled a New Jersey based team that has extensive and demonstrated experience in all aspects of administering, managing, evaluating and overseeing energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in New Jersey. AEG has been the CEP program administrator since July 2007.

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