NJBAC’s Willoughby Receives ‘2023 Business Partnership Award’

The New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC), a statewide, comprehensive, litter-abatement program, has honored Melanie Willoughby, executive director of the New Jersey Business Action Center (NJBAC), with its “2023 Clean Communities Business Partnership Award.”

NJCCC Executive Director Joann Gemenden bestowed the award during the New Jersey Sustainability in Motion Expo, held recently in Atlantic City.

“When it came to helping companies prepare for and adapt to the state’s single-use plastics law, the NJBAC has been an invaluable partner,” Gemenden said. “Melanie and her team developed promotional materials, provided outreach to chambers and business organization throughout New Jersey, designed a vendor portal, and led the business outreach effort to implement the milestone new law that went into effect in May 2022.”

With more than 30 years of service to the community, the NJBAC supports companies of all sizes, focusing its efforts on advocacy, finding solutions, and maximizing growth opportunities for businesses.

“They say `it’s not what you know but who you know,’ and Melanie’s reach is unparalleled in state government,” Gemenden said. “Using her professional network, where she is an admired and respected business advocate at all levels of government, she is always there to provide sage advice, offer logistical insights, and bridge communications channels to get the job done. And Melanie always knows the right person to call.”

During the awards ceremony, Willoughby was thanked for her advocacy, determination and friendship to the NJCCC and its countless volunteers and supporters.

“I, and so many others who work with Melanie, applaud her approach to sound public policy that benefits state residents, businesses large and small, and government leaders at all levels,” Gemenden added. “Melanie is a trailblazer and mentor to many and always gives credit to others for her own work.”

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