NJ Unemployment Update: $300 a Week?

The Department of Labor (DOL) has reported that approximately 23,600 individuals filed a claim for unemployment over the past week, which is a decrease of roughly 3,500 from the prior week.

Since the beginning of the state’s public health emergency in March, 1.65 million New Jerseyans have sought unemployment benefits. The DOL has released more than $16.2 billion in benefits. Gov Phil Murphy said during a press briefing this week that roughly 96% of individuals who have been deemed eligible have received payments.

DOL has also launched the process for workers to receive up to six weeks of FEMA Lost Wages Assistance at $300 per week. The period for lost wages is between August 1 and September 5.

Murphy said that those who have already attested that their unemployment is COVID-19 related will receive a lump sum payment, if they are eligible, later this month. Those who have not attested why they are out of work will need to certify that their unemployment is COVID-19 related. Murphy said the DOL will contact these individuals with instructions.

Eligible claimants can receive a lump sum up to $1,800.

To check claim status, individuals can go to

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