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NJ to Establish Revolutionary AI Hub at Princeton University

Today, Gov. Phil Murphy and Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber announced plans to establish an artificial intelligence (AI) research and development hub at the university in collaboration with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA). The announcement, according to Murphy, will position the state to shape the future of the AI field.

According to Eisgruber, by leveraging state funding and private-sector partnerships, the initiative will advance the state’s leadership in AI and catalyze innovation in AI technologies, drive job growth and economic development across the region, promote rapid and responsible development of the field, and guide governments and public entities on AI implementation.

“Princeton’s strategic framework recognizes the promise and societal implications of artificial intelligence – as well as the university’s unique capacity to meet these challenges,” said Eisgruber. “Working to establish this hub for AI will further our efforts in this important area, while strengthening the regional ecosystem of innovation and advancing Princeton’s broader teaching and research mission.”

Eisgruber also added that on April 11, Princeton will host an inaugural AI conference that aims to bring leaders and stakeholders together to discuss the most pressing AI issues of the time.

“There’s no better place in the nation to build a nexus for AI development than in the heart of New Jersey at Princeton University, which attracts the companies of the future with its innovation ecosystem and combination of location and talent,” said Murphy, who described AI technology as something that could define the next decade or more. 

“As these industry leaders seek the next big breakthrough in AI technologies from their labs in Central Jersey, they will help generate economic activity and good-paying jobs in communities across our state,” he added.  

Today’s announcement is not the first investment the state has made in AI. In October, Murphy also issued Executive Order No. 346, which established an AI Task Force charged with studying emerging AI technologies. The Task Force is responsible for analyzing the potential societal impacts of AI as well as preparing recommendations to identify government actions encouraging the ethical use of AI technologies. 

The Executive Order also announced an initiative to educate New Jersey’s state workforce about the development, use, and risks of AI, and directed the administration to evaluate tools and strategies to improve government services through artificial intelligence, as well as explore ways in which artificial intelligence can stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and be deployed by employers to enhance training and talent development, especially for low-income residents. 

“With the establishment of this AI hub, we are not just anticipating the future – we are actively shaping it,” said Beth Noveck, New Jersey Office of Innovation Chief Innovation Officer. “This partnership is a testament to our belief that when we harness Princeton’s renowned brainpower and New Jersey’s innovative spirit, there’s no problem too complex, and no challenge too great.”

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