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NJ Reentry Corp Helping Vets Upgrade Less than Honorable Discharges

The New Jersey Reentry Corporation (NJRC) announced a new strategic partnership with the National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) to refer New Jersey’s veterans to NVLSP for free legal representation in seeking an upgrade of less than honorable discharges from military service. A less than honorable discharge can prevent a veteran from obtaining disability benefits to which they may be entitled and could be a barrier to care. This partnership facilitates veterans’ access to legal assistance they may not be able to afford to help them correct their records.

Former Gov. Jim McGreevey, the chairman of the NJRC, said, “The National Veterans Legal Services Program represents a standard of excellence to assist our nation’s veterans grappling with the military’s discharge process. I am most grateful to the NVLSP for being a steadfast advocate for New Jersey’s veterans, for all veterans to obtain critically-needed medical and behavioral health services.”

In some instances, less than honorable discharges may have been erroneously assigned to veterans who suffer from PTSD or other mental health issues that may not have been properly diagnosed. NVLSP provides free legal representation with filing briefs and appearing at hearings before administrative boards to request an upgrade.

Through this partnership, the NJRC will capitalize on NVLSP’s legal knowledge to assist New Jersey Reentry staff in learning more about discharge upgrades to better assist veterans.

NVLSP Executive Director Paul Wright said, “We are delighted to partner with the New Jersey Reentry Corporation to collaborate and leverage our collective knowledge to help New Jersey’s veterans and their families correct less than honorable discharges which can be a major impediment to gainful employment and to help veterans access the benefits to which they are rightfully entitled.”

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