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NJ Reentry Corp. Holds Grand Opening for Middlesex County Facility

The New Jersey Reentry Corporation (NJRC) held a grand opening this morning for its new facility in Middlesex County. The Carteret site, consisting of more than 6,000 square feet, will accommodate three classrooms and training areas, a computer laboratory, and 10 offices, with dedicated spaces for NJRC’s Veterans Outreach Team. It is expected to significantly reduce the waiting period for the reentry population to enroll in NJRC programs in the county.

In addition, a new Veterans Services Center will address the critical needs of those veterans who have returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan who continue to struggle with mental health, addiction treatment, and medical needs.

According to NJRC COO Robert Carter, “The new site will ensure that a thousand persons per year will be able to receive critically needed wraparound services for those returning from prison, jail, addiction treatment, and combat.”

Gov. Phil Murphy said, “Our administration understands the importance of giving everyone a second chance to remake their lives and help heal our communities. Communities that have lost too much potential for too long, missing out on hard-workers and creative minds, and children who have lived without mothers or fathers. For those returning from prison, jail, addiction treatment, and war, there is the added burden of confronting the trauma of one’s past. Tragically, veterans have among the highest incidence of mental illness, homelessness, and suicide in this country. This center will serve as a resource for our state’s veterans and as the state hub for NJRC veteran services. I am certain this center will continue the necessary work to heal those who have served our nation.”

“Forgiveness is necessary for all persons, for the people we aggrieve, as well as the persons who aggrieve us. At the heart of the reentry mission are new beginnings, new behaviors, and a new sense of the Beatitudes. This Reentry Center will offer connection to critically needed services, including federal, state, and county benefits, as well as medical and legal services. Most importantly, this Reentry Center will offer the open promise of personal redemption and transformation,” stated Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Newark.

NJRC presently has enrolled 18,702 program participants, while training 4,465 persons annually in financial literacy, computer fundamentals, Google digital literacy, and workplace readiness, and 1,766 have received “industry-recognized” skill credentials.

Furthermore, 8,619 persons are enrolled in medical treatment, 15,267 are enrolled in addiction treatment programs/medication assisted treatment, and 5,591 are enrolled in psychiatric/mental health treatment facilities. Additionally, 13,271 program participants have enrolled in Medicaid, with 3,160 persons receiving birth certificates and 3,211 MVC identification/driver’s licenses issued.

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