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NJ Hall of Fame Learning Center Unveiled at American Dream

Dedicated to encouraging people to find their heroes and achieve their best, the New Jersey Hall of Fame unveiled its 10,000-square-foot Entertainment and Learning Center yesterday at American Dream mall in East Rutherford

“We are incredibly excited that America’s first state-focused Entertainment and Learning Center will be right here in the Garden State,” said Gov. Phil Murphy at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “Located at American Dream, the space will embrace our rich history and celebrate the achievements of over 230 outstanding New Jerseyans. This Center will serve as a testament to our one-of-a-kind entertainment culture and supply knowledge and inspiration for generations to come.”

The Entertainment and Learning Center, which was made possible via $20 million in funding raised through a combination of state grants and private donations from sponsors, is now the permanent home for New Jersey Hall of Fame inductees (more then 230). It boasts state-of-the-art exhibits including a simulated space ride called “Fly Me to the Moon,” where visitors can experience the thrill of space travel.

For music enthusiasts, there’s a karaoke stage where they can sing alongside holograms of Gloria Gaynor, Wyclef Jean, Tommy James, Tony Orlando, Frankie Valli, and other musical legends. Also, for those interested in the arts, visitors can interview holograms of Danny DeVito, Jason Alexander, Connie Chung, Laurie Hernandez, and other notable Jersey greats in the “Late Night Jersey” Television Studio.

“Through education and entertainment, we are inspiring people to realize their dreams by becoming their best,” added Jon F. Hanson, chairman of the New Jersey Hall of Fame. “So, there’s no better place to be than here at American Dream!”

“The State of New Jersey boasts a rich history full of iconic moments and legendary heroes, which will now be celebrated for the world to see at American Dream,” notes Don Ghermezian, CEO of American Dream. “We are excited to inspire our guests with leading entertainers, athletes, and influential individuals from the arts, education, science, and public service sectors at this one-of-a-kind Entertainment and Learning Center.”

Added New Jersey Hall of Fame President Steve Edwards, “The soul of the New Jersey Hall of Fame mission is based on the concept of Areté, Ancient Greek wisdom that means the act of actualizing one’s highest and best sense of self, with a moral excellence of character, and for the greater good. Our Inductees have indeed realized their Areté, and are heroes who inspire others to do the same.”

The center is located on court G, level 3 withing the American Dream, next door to the Oreo Café overlooking Nickelodean Universe. It will open to the public on June 28.

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