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NJ Couple Opening East Coast Distribution Center for Towel Pros

Harry and Debbie Sandwith, owners of Dirty Harry’s Automotive Detailing and Hogfather Motorcycle Detailing in Rochelle Park, are now the East Coast retail distributors for Towel Pros Microfiber Specialists. Their large distribution center and warehouse is currently based out of Sayreville, but they will also be opening a warehouse in Cape Coral, Florida later this year. Their territory covers the entire Eastern Seaboard east of the Mississippi River and from Maine to the tip of Florida.

The California-based microfiber towel manufacturer Towel Pros is one of the largest sellers of microfiber towels for the automotive detailing industry west of the Mississippi River, but they are expanding their popular brand into the eastern and southern states.

No one understands the importance of using soft, absorbent material for cleaning automobiles and precious surfaces more than Sandwith, who is a master automotive, motorcycle, and aircraft detailer. He has detailed the original presidential jet Air Force One and dozens of priceless museum aircraft for the Seattle Museum of Flight; vintage firetrucks for the New Jersey Fire Engine & Equipment Museum at Allaire State Park; and multimillion-dollar car and motorcycle collections for the Gordon McCall Motorworks Revival at Monterey Car Week, including Arch motorcycles for actor Keanu Reeves, and Velocity TV host Bryan Fuller.

“I have been using and recommending Towel Pros products in my detailing shops and in training classes and seminars for over ten years,” says Sandwith. “They are established in the automotive appearance industry, but we plan to market them more broadly across the entire cleaning industry including janitorial supplies because they have such exceptional cleaning qualities for household use.”

Microfiber fabric is known for being soft and delicate, yet durable, but Towel Pros has perfected the absorbent fabric, which is capable of absorbing seven times its weight in soil or liquid. The material is ideal for cleaning surfaces like paint, metal, countertops, vinyl, and ceramics that are susceptible to fine scratches, holograms, smudges, streaks, and water spots.

Towel Pros specializes in four types of microfiber towels including highly absorbent waffle weave drying towels that eliminate water streaks and spots; edgeless, tagless, paint towels in a variety of thicknesses guaranteed not to leave marks on car paint; thin glass towels made to pick up chemicals and contaminants on windows and mirrors without leaving streaks and water spots; and a variety of all-purpose towels that are perfect for cleaning ceramic coatings, wheels, door jambs, bumpers, and car interiors – as well as for dusting and cleaning home furnishings, countertops, glass and windows, and large vehicle interiors like RVs, trailers, and boats.

Towel Pros also carries a variety of detailing accessories such as grit guards, clay bar, and microfiber wash mitts, etc. Their towel lines are designed for color-coding according to use, shape, size, texture, softness, toughness, absorption, water repellency, electrostatics, and filtering capabilities.

Sandwith is a retired veteran of the Jersey City police force and past president of the Jersey City Police Officers Union, who retired from the force after a traumatic motorcycle accident while delivering Christmas gifts for Toys For Tots. He is also president of the board of directors for the famous Detail Mafia – a senior-level division of the Detailing Success Network who specializes in leading, mentoring, and training up-and-coming detailers in the finesse skills of advanced detailing and paint correction. He also manages major detailing projects like the annual Air Force One Detailing Team at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

Sandwith’s wife Debbie is a kidney cancer survivor who has owned and operated retail businesses in Sayreville and South Amboy. She sold those stores to care for Harry after his accident, but she will manage the regional Towel Pros distribution division of their detailing businesses from Sayreville.

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