SQUAN Acquires Osmose Communications Services

Englewood-based SQUAN, an infrastructure service provider, today announces its acquisition of Osmose Communications Services (OCS) from its parent Osmose Utilities Services (Osmose).  OCS provides transport engineering, outside plant delivery services, program management, and staffing solutions to telecommunications companies and electric utilities.  Osmose is the leader in pole engineering, maintenance, and deployment services to utilities across the United States.

“SQUAN has had a long-standing and positive relationship with Osmose,” states Leighton Carroll, Chief Executive Officer, SQUAN.  “Osmose is a leader in the utilities space and we saw value in the talents of the OCS people.  We view this acquisition as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship, while SQUAN continues to grow its capabilities.  SQUAN is excited to bring OCS services to the northeastern corridor.  Furthermore, SQUAN will be expanding its services across the existing OCS footprint.  This will allow SQUAN to provide unique services to the wireless, wireline, cable, and enterprise markets,” Carroll adds.

Over the next few months, the OCS brand will transition to SQUAN Transport Services.  This division of SQUAN will continue to function from its offices in Conway, Arkansas; West Monroe, Louisiana; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami and Tampa, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Durham, North Carolina.  Andy Blackwell, Vice President of Transport Services, will continue to lead the organization and report to SQUAN Senior Vice President, Keith Pennachio.

“Given the ongoing and future demand for transport and outside plant services, our acquisition of OCS is a strategic decision we believe will further strengthen the SQUAN portfolio to the benefit of our clients,” states Pennachio.

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