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NJ Bankers Association Creates Cyber Risk Committee

The New Jersey Bankers Association (NJBankers) has created a special cyber risk committee to help address and prepare for potential cyber related impacts to the New Jersey banking industry.

Led by an advisory board made up of cyber experts from both member banks and associate member organizations, the Committee concentrates on network technology and infrastructure, cloud processing, cyber defense strategies, disaster recovery, and threats and vulnerabilities. The Committee will also work to help prevent all types of fraud against banks.

The committee will meet quarterly and will be on-call should a cyber event, that could impact banking channels in the state or nationally, occur.

“Our financial institutions are under constant threat of cyber-attacks from anywhere in the world. The work this committee is planning to undertake will help give both banks and customers piece of mind knowing the NJ banking industry is united in making sure our institutions are protected”, said Jenn Zorn, EVP of Education and Professional Development of NJBankers and Committee member.

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