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NJ American Water Launches Water UP! Training Program

Providing Opportunities and Training for the Next Generation of Water Utility Workers

New Jersey American Water announced its new Water UP! – Water Utility Pipeline – training program, a paid, 11-week workforce development program for young adults, created in partnership with Hopeworks, Jingoli Construction and APEX Solutions Group. The program offers water utility and other essential business training to equip participants with the skills needed to successfully enter the industry upon graduation.

Water UP! aims to help young adults pave their career path in the water utility industry by exposing them to a multitude of skill sets including STEM lessons, customer service training, and the OSHA 30 certification. This helps participants identify their interests and strengths and will ultimately lead them to pursue their future professions.

“It’s important for the sustainability of our company and the water utility industry to invest not only in our technology and infrastructure, but also the talent behind it,” said Mark McDonough, president, New Jersey American Water. “This is why we created Water UP! We hope this new program will inspire a new generation of qualified and diverse water utility workers.”

Water UP!’s pilot class features young adults from Camden, selected by Hopeworks through an application process. Over the 11-week course, the group will experience hands-on field training facilitated by New Jersey American Water and classroom-based lessons administered by Jingoli and APEX Solutions Group. Upon completion of the Water UP! program, participants will be uniquely qualified for open roles within New Jersey American Water, as well as roles with American Water and its utility industry partners.

“We have a longstanding partnership with New Jersey American Water and its GIS program, so we are thrilled to help facilitate training for additional professions within the water utility field,” said Dan Rhoton, executive director, Hopeworks. “Water UP! will help us extend these opportunities to even more young adults in the Camden community.”

New Jersey American Water is excited to launch the pilot program of Water UP! in Camden and hopes to replicate it throughout the state in the future. To learn more about Water UP! visit www.newjerseyamwater.com.

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