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Newell Brands Moving from Hoboken to Atlanta

Newell Brands is relocating its official headquarters back to Atlanta, a place it called home for 13 years prior to its move to Hoboken three years ago. The move back to Atlanta is expected to take place by early 2020.

Newell currently has approximately 300 employees in Hoboken, and about 100 corporate leaders will be relocating to Atlanta. The remaining employees will stay in Hoboken, as the company will keep its e-commerce division in New Jersey.

In a press release announcing its second quarter earnings, the company cited the move as a means to “facilitate a stronger connection between senior leaders and the operations of the business, and to enhance the company’s culture and sense of community.”

Three of Newell’s seven operating divisions are located in Atlanta (writing, baby, food). Newell is a distributor of consumer and commercial products and has an extensive portfolio of brands including Sharpie, Rubbermaid, Elmer’s and Coleman.

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