Newark Public Schools Have Been Approved to Transition to Full Local Control

The New Jersey State Board of Education approved two resolutions that allow for the return of operational control to Newark Public Schools following the creation and completion of a transition plan. The district of Newark Public Schools has been under state control since 1995.

The state’s school monitoring system – the New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) – is the framework used to evaluate districts in five separate functional areas: governance, fiscal management, personnel, operations, and instruction and program. A 2007 law provides for state-operated districts to regain control of areas in which they have consistently received strong scores on the NJQSAC state accountability scale, as long as the district has adequate programs, policies and personnel to demonstrate the growth is sustainable.

The State Board of Education approved a resolution that moves control of the final functional areas of governance and instruction and program, which were previously under state control, to the control of Newark Public Schools. In addition, the State Board of Education approved a resolution requiring the Newark Public Schools and the New Jersey Department of Education to collaborate on the creation of a transition plan to full local control.

“As we hand over the reins to local control, I offer nothing but support and hope for the success of the district,” said Governor Chris Christie.

“I am proud that Newark Public Schools is beginning the transition to full local control,” said State Board of Education President Arcelio Aponte. “The students, parents, educators and leaders of the city of Newark have worked long and hard to arrive at this day and should be proud of all they have achieved. Along with the Department of Education, the State Board is committed to supporting the district and working with the Newark community during the transition.”

“Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Newark Public Schools and the Department, Newark has made tremendous strides in the quality of education provided to their students and have the support system in place to sustain the positive progress,” said Education Commissioner Kimberley Harrington.

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