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Newark Division of Mohawk Global Logistics Capitalizes on Surge in E-commerce

Mohawk Global Logistics, a leading customs broker and freight forwarder in the Northeast, announces unprecedented growth for its Newark-based office, which has doubled its customs entry volume in one year’s time. This achievement makes the Newark office the first location in company history to hit this mark its premiere year.

E-commerce is the company’s fastest growing and most profitable sector, which has raised demand for Mohawk’s highly skilled and experienced staff, as well as access to its powerful online reporting tools. The company has invested heavily in upgrading its web-based system, GlobalLink, within the past year, by adding modules to enhance shipment tracking and modernize collaboration tools for shipment documentation.

“Our strongest partnerships in the region are with online retailers and food importers,” said Mohawk’s President and CEO, Gar Grannell. “These industries rely on seamless clearance at the border, and having data-rich systems make this process more transparent. Having cargo delayed due to a Customs exam or an FDA inspection creates problems for their clients further down the supply chain. They turn to us to help them minimize the potential for disruption and allow them to see the full picture for their freight,” said Grannell.

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