New Jersey Offshore Wind Energy Project to Receive DOE Support

Wind turbines to connect to U.S. electrical grid by 2017

The U.S. Energy Department announces the selection of three pioneering offshore wind demonstrations to receive up to $47 million each over the next four years to deploy innovative, grid-connected systems in federal and state waters by 2017. These projects – including one spearheaded by Fishermen’s Energy and located off the coast of New Jersey– will help speed the deployment of more efficient offshore wind power technologies. Building on the Energy Department’s broader efforts to launch a competitive and sustainable offshore wind industry in the United States, these demonstration projects will help further lower costs, drive greater performance and clear hurdles to installing more utility-scale turbines in U.S. waters.

“Offshore wind offers a large, untapped energy resource for the United States that can create thousands of manufacturing, construction and supply chain jobs across the country and drive billions of dollars in local economic investment,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. “The Energy Department is working with public and private partners to harness this untapped resource in a sustainable and economic manner. The offshore wind projects announced today further this commitment — bringing more clean, renewable energy to our homes and businesses, diversifying our energy portfolio, and reducing costs through innovation.”

“I’m pleased to see the Department of Energy recognizes the promise of offshore wind power in New Jersey,” said Senator Robert Menendez.  “The Fishermen’s Energy project is a community-driven effort that has the potential to deliver a clean source of power, create thousands of good paying jobs, and help us meet our renewable energy goals.  I look forward to our continued partnership to end our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and move New Jersey towards a clean energy economy.”

“New Jersey is at the forefront of innovative wind technology, and this award will help continue to propel this project forward,” said Senator Cory Booker. “Offshore wind has enormous potential to establish energy independence while creating thousands of jobs from research and manufacturing to installation. I look forward to working with DOE, Fishermen’s Energy and the community to make this project a reality.  This public-private project has the potential to establish New Jersey as a leader in the domestic production of clean energy.”

“Fishermen’s Energy, with their years of maritime experience, have a unique and inventive approach to offshore energy production,” said Congressman Frank Pallone.  “By working towards harnessing the natural wind power off the coast of New Jersey, Fishermen’s Energy is leading the way in building a far more sustainable energy industry right here at home.  These projects are the future of energy policy in our country, and I am glad that the Department of Energy continues to recognize and support this innovative work.”

In December 2012, the Energy Department announced seven offshore wind demonstration projects, which have focused on design, engineering, and permitting work. The three projects selected today, including the project led by Fishermen’s Energy, are aimed at deploying offshore wind installations in U.S. waters by 2017. Fishermen’s Energy will install five 5-megawatt direct-drive wind turbines approximately three miles off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey. This project will utilize an innovative, U.S.-developed twisted jacket foundation that is simpler and less expensive to manufacture and install than traditional offshore wind foundations.  Fishermen’s project will act as a laboratory for researchers to learn about offshore wind and investigate interactions between turbines.

Broadly, the Energy Department’s efforts to advance innovative offshore wind technologies support the Obama Administration’s comprehensive National Offshore Wind Strategy to develop a sustainable, world-class offshore wind industry. As part of that strategy, the Energy Department continues to work with partners across the government, including the Department of the Interior, to conduct resource assessments, streamline siting and permitting and overcome technical and market challenges to installation, operations and grid connection. Learn more at the Wind Program’s Offshore Wind Web page.

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