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New Jersey Natural Gas Strengthens Sustainability Commitment

Strengthening its commitment to bringing innovative renewable energy solutions to New Jersey’s clean energy future, New Jersey Natural Gas has become the first utility in New Jersey to join the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition).

NJNG identified the development of renewable natural gas (RNG) as an important resource to achieve its long-term emissions reduction goals, while continuing to deliver safe, reliable clean energy to its customers. Earlier this year, New Jersey Resources, the parent company of NJNG, announced its goal to reduce emissions from its New Jersey operations 50% by 2030.

“New Jersey Natural Gas has a long history of embracing innovation, and we look forward to building on our track record as the first New Jersey utility to join the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas” said Steve Westhoven, president and CEO of New Jersey Resources. “The development of pioneering fuel sources, like RNG, presents new clean energy opportunities to decarbonize the natural gas system relied on by millions of New Jersey families, sustainably grow our business and help achieve New Jersey’s emissions reduction goals.”

Founded in 2011, the RNG Coalition represents nearly 250 member companies and organizations, and advocates for the sustainable development, deployment and utilization of renewable natural gas as a clean, safe alternative energy source. By 2050, the RNG Coalition’s goal is to capture and control methane from more than 43,000 organic waste sites across North America.

A critical component to any clean energy roadmap, RNG is a carbon-neutral compliment to conventional natural gas. Often derived from landfills, it turns raw biogas into renewable, green energy, and can be used as a source for heating or electric generation. Through the increased use of RNG, communities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By joining the RNG Coalition Leadership Roster, NJNG affirms its dedication to embracing new approaches to sustainable energy and responsible business practices. Last year, NJNG joined Our Nation’s Energy Future Coalition (ONE Future), a natural gas industry-led organization dedicated to voluntarily achieving meaningful reductions in methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain. NJNG has committed to measure its emissions and track progress over time according to the ONE Future reporting protocols.

In 2018, NJNG became the first natural gas utility to purchase supply under the TrustWell responsible gas program, a certification that wells producing natural gas conform to strict, objective environmental criteria. That same year, NJNG joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Methane Challenge Program, another voluntary program to adopt and share best practices to mitigate methane emissions.

“NJNG’s participation in the RNG Coalition is another step we are taking to support sustainability and what it means for our customers and company. We’re stepping up and helping to lead the way to ensure a clean energy future in New Jersey,” said Westhoven.

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