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New Jersey-Israel Commission Celebrates Israel’s 75th Anniversary

The New Jersey-Israel Commission celebrated 75 years of the State of Israel and United States-Israel relations on June 7 in a historic ceremony in the State House in Trenton.

Remarks were delivered by the leadership of the Commission in addition to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Israeli Acting Consul General Israel Nitzan, Assemblyman Gary Schaer, and Secretary of State Tahesha Way, who administers the New Jersey-Israel Commission.

“For three-quarters of a century, our two nations have flourished together under our unwavering partnership. Nowhere is that more apparent than in New Jersey, the proud home of one of the country’s largest Jewish and Israeli populations,” said the governor. “With the help of the New Jersey-Israel Commission, our relationship has grown significantly in recent years on every front – economically, culturally, academically, and beyond. Together, we are building the future, and I look forward to strengthening our bonds with Israel for generations to come.”

“I have seen firsthand how the New Jersey-Israel relationship has brought together communities and built bridges that have allowed the richness, beauty and innovation of Israel to touch lives across this great state,” New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way. “I am honored to join so many leaders in on our country and around the world celebrating Israel as it marks this incredible achievement.”

The ceremony, which took place inside the Capitol Rotunda, paid tribute to the special and historic relationship between Israel and the United States, highlighting the State of New Jersey relationship, which spans across economic, academic, cultural, scientific, and a wide range of other relations.

During the program a plaque on behalf of the State of New Jersey was presented to the Acting Consul General to commemorate the occasion.

“The Israel-New Jersey relationship has grown and flourished in recent years by positively impacting our economy, academic research, culture and more,” said Acting Consul General Israel Nitzan of the Consulate General of Israel in New York. “I thank Governor Phil Murphy for making the advancement of this relationship a priority, and extend my gratitude to Secretary of State Tahesha Way for hosting this meaningful event. Together, we have achieved remarkable progress over the last 75 years, and I look forward to a prosperous future for Israel and New Jersey.”

“The New Jersey-Israel partnership is built on shared common values and not only the incredible economic growth we are seeing between us,” said Karin Elkis, co-chair of the New Jersey-Israel Commission. “Today we reaffirm our commitment to a strong and robust relationship with Israel as we move into the next 75 years of friendship between our communities.”

“Over the years we have watched Israel flourish from a fledgling country to become a light unto the nations,” said Mark S. Levenson, co-chair of the New Jersey-Israel Commission. “This ceremony is a moment to applaud all that Israel has accomplished in addition to the success of its relationship with New Jersey, which continues to deliver for our great state.”

“With the flags of the United States, New Jersey and Israel standing tall, this historic moment reflects the deep bonds that unite us not only today, but tomorrow as well,” said Andrew H Gross, executive director of the New Jersey-Israel Commission. “Congratulations to the people of Israel who can always count on the Garden State as we look forward to decades of prosperity, friendship and strong cooperation.”

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